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Righteous Fire Incinerate Atziri Killer for Path of Exile

The best thing about Path of Exile is the potential for new character builds, which is almost limitless, and as patches more are coming out and updates implement in the game. There is an overflowing fountain of information related to the coming game from the community, and you can come up with yourself. Character builds are made for a variety of purposes, whether for farming or for making an active or passive skill. Usually there is a theme that a character build follows which makes it more interesting.


However, for killing a particular enemy, there is seldom a build designed specifically. If you meet some significant trouble after completing the Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion, then you may want to try this build, which is killing Atziri, Queen of the Vaal. She is a powerful boss that caps off on Path of Exile, but she has some weaknesses that can be exploited with this specialized character build that should be fun to play for those who like to chase goals in a game like PoE. More Path of Exile Items can help you a lot.

The thing about this build is that not only good for Atziri, but also the monsters that players encounter along the way. The good news is that the content is specialized in Sacrifice of the Vaal, so this build is made specifically to tackle the challenges in the mini-expansion, and you don’t have to use so many Exalted Orbs to get there. As the title suggests, it uses Righteous Fire and Incinerate to hit with lots of fire damage.


For this build, the main damage skill is Faster Casting, Incinerate, Spell Echo, supported by Added Cold Damage, Fire Penetration, and Greater Multiple Projectiles. For regular monsters, as it increases the area incinerated substantially, it's possible to exchange Added Cold Damage for Faster Projectiles for better results. Good PoE Currency is better for this build.


The Righteous Fire is supported by Concentrated Effect, Increased Area of Effect, and Increased Burning Damage. This skill does two things for this build, which is to damage enemies next to the players and provide a large bit of damage boost. It has a drawback though of inflicting fire damage on you when you go all the way down to one life, which is something that must be considered when planning a build.

In order to counteract this, most builds make use of Righteous Fire pile on life and fire resistance, as well as the Purity of Fire aura. However, in order to reach equilibrium with the damage taken from Righteous Fire, there are lots of items and skills needed. That's where the Rise of the Phoenix unique shield comes in because it adds a lot of fire resistance to the character, which increases when life reaches 25% and lower, as well as not being ignited when you're at low life.


Along with the PoE Items considered for this build, with these two skills combined, Sacrifice of the Vaal can become much easier to complete as a result. For more poe news, you can visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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