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PoE: The Advantage of Unrelenting Juggernauts

As per the Path of Exile, when Endurance Charge is at a maximum, Unrelenting is a Juggernaut Ascendancy passive skill that increases the damage inflicted Endurance Charge and decreases Elemental Damage. Endurance Charges have a 25% chance to become maxed out on any given charge, which some players may find problems. Specifically, Unrelenting has been nerfed from its previous form where every time an Endurance Charge is gained, the character can receive a maximum charge every time.


While defending their builds from attackers, PoE gamers who play Hardcore Melee have an appreciation for consistency in the results they get. Ultimately, what is Grinding Gears Games’ intent Unrelenting, what it comes down to. In response to, in order to stimulate different behaviors from the player population, PoE Items tend to change the value from time to time, especially poe exalted orb and these behaviors go hand-in-hand with their attitudes and beliefs.

The Unrelenting goal is to confer maximum Endurance Charge, the Juggernaut’s EC is always at full capacity unless Discharge or Immortal Call is used. However, players who assemble a coalition of Juggernauts can exploit this mechanic easily. By cycling their Endurance Charges, they create a perpetual state of Unrelenting and have an enormous advantage over a single build.


The problem of the Unrelenting current iteration depends on the momentary synergistic invulnerable effect that occurs in conjunction with Immortal Call. As the saying goes, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Players make Immortal Call their staple, and have this spell on active status on a permanent basis.


To make the use of Immortal Call costly is a possible solution to this imbalance of power. For instance, Grinding Gear Games can initiate a CD counter upon expiration of Immortal Call. Although this might be too much of a nerf in the long run, GGG can titrate the counter to maintain the delicate balance of difficulty and playability. By implementing a tradeoff, players will have to be more advisable in their approach.

GGG could look into is another thing that decreases the chances Juggernaut builds, which have to max out its Endurance Charge with each subsequent charge. Whether this necessitates the creation and implementation new different PoE Currency to facilitate or negate this change, the goal is the same: to manipulate an Endurance Charge amount of elemental damage inflicted each time is encountered. For a specific time interval, killing ratio or other parameters also warrant strong consideration.


As a traditional Melee character, putting an arbitrary cap on the number of Endurance Charges available Juggernaut is born, and making a strong Melee defense is the cornerstone to play this class. However, the Juggernaut is unique in its ability to absorb physical attacks with Unrelenting coupled Immortal Call. It is disingenuous to assume that Grinding Gear Games intended for its player base to abuse IC, as a result of variety, especially when you consider how Path of Exile has come to enjoy such longevity, rather than monotony and predictability. For more useful poe news, please pay attention to MmoGah.


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