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PoE Shops Guide: Top 3 Shops to Get PoE Currency

Dear exiles, I’m Nancy, a PoE fan like you. I enjoy finding the path to alive, but sometimes it’s a headache, you know. So I would like to get some PoE currency online that I need to make my path smooth.


There are two ways I get currency online. One is trading, and the other is RMT. Buying orbs with real money is shameful, to be honest, but it’s really widespread because I can save plenty of time to find more fun in this way.


top 3 poe shops guide


Today I want to share the top three PoE shops to get currency items.


1. MmoGah.com

When it comes to the gaming store, I highly recommend mmogah.com. I'm a loyal customer of this store, so I have the most voice.


mmogah shop



• This shop provides orbs at low and fair prices. You can use the 5% coupon code “poe” all the time.

• They have the most comprehensive items and equipment.

• I can easily find the orbs I want to buy and make an order conveniently. Their pages are easy to operate.

• Their verifying system is safe and authoritative.

• They have lots of payment methods.

• The reps are very helpful. They can solve all my trouble with patience.

• They share the real-time PoE currency trade rate, which is very useful.

• They always share helpful posts, including Path of Exile news, builds and guides, etc. You can come here to find some useful tips for your path.



• Their pages look like “newspaper”, which is dull and stuffy. I like dark and cool-style websites.

• Their verifying system sometimes is fussy and complicated.



2. MmoGahs Marketplace

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned two ways to get currency online. One is trade. MmoGah also provides a marketplace to trade PoE currency.





• Their marketplace is free to use, and the only limit is just to register. And the process of registering is easy too. You only need to bind your phone number and email.

• The page for adding your list is very easy to operate.

• The platform fee is less.

• The third party is guaranteed. They can solve problems and disputes between buyers and sellers very well.



• Buyers and sellers may not be online at the same time, leading to a long trading time. But this is a common problem across all platforms.



3. Poecurrency.com

This shop is new, and I have no purchase experience on this site. It is on the top ranking, so I think it maybe has its own advantages, or the top ranking is under the help of its Domain Name. Its Domain Name is the same as the searching keywords, so this can also put its ranking in the front position.





• Their pages are good-looking, and I like the style.

• Their domain name is easy to remember and search.



• The prices are too high to afford!




In my opinion, MmoGah is the best site to buy or trade PoE currency. It is cost-effective, and it will never let you down. You can have a try if you want to buy or trade currency items.



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