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PoE Omniscience Tornado Shot Deadeye Guide

By Pen Slingers2023-02-14

Omniscience Anomalous Tornado is intended to be the best build if you are looking for a build that provides you with increased mapping and clearing speed. In this guide, we will guide you about Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye and break down the skills and Ascendancy so you can have a clear view about and get a better understanding of how to continue your PoE journey with this build and the best currency farming.


Omniscience Tornado Shot Deadeye pic


Crystallized Omniscience Anomalous Tornado Shot

Crystallized Omniscience Anomalous Tornado Shot is the last hope for the Exiles and one of the most powerful builds, with the highest efficiency deadeye shot for farming all map content.


This shot build excels fast to propel you to the end game, and it's best for single targets. It has the fastest speed comparison of any game build. This build is also addictive to play the games for hours, ultimately.


Strength and Weakness - Omniscience Anomalous Tornado

Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is considered the best build in terms of farming as well as mapping and provides the player highest efficiency of content clear and loot farming. But every class and build has its strength and weakness.


● If you intend to continue your journey in Path of Exile with Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye, you will need good experience playing PoE. This build requires an advanced level of gameplay.

● Using this build required resources and a handsome amount of budget.

● Nothing can beat Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye when it comes to mapping. Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye endows the fast mapping and clearing speed in Path of Exile compared to the other classic builds in PoE.

● Bossing level of Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is not so great. However, it is still above the average, and if you can balance the combat and defense, then Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye can be very effective in combat mod.

● The defensive system of Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is not powerful, but it is also not very weak. You can only use Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye if you are pretty good in combat. Because if you just focus on attacking enemies, your guard will become weak.



Skills Breakdown – Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye

Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is the best-updated build so far in PoE. This build holds different abilities to slay the monsters and a unique set of skills you will experience in Path of Exile.


Inserted with mapping and greatly enhanced clearing speed, this build is quite effective against the boss and other enemies. But for dealing with the bosses, you should know this build combat system, powers, and use of the right spell at the right moment.


Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is easy to play, but on the other hand, it is also pretty complicated to learn about its different sets of skills. We will break down the Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye's skills to make it easier for you to understand the build and learn about its combat style.


Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye 2


1.   Tornado Shot

There are many ways to inflict damage on your enemies and bosses, but the classified source of dealing damage to the enemies is "Tornado Shot." This is the most important source of damage done by the Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye.


These sources allow you to inflict massive damage on the enemies. While using the Tornado Shot, you must take care of one thing: maintain the distance between you and your target. The longer the distance, the more damage your enemy will receive. Maintaining the distance in this build is vital to using the build.


Using "Far shot" will significantly increase your chance to deal more damage and provide excellent defense, but you must be vigilant of re-spawning monsters on the battlefield.


2.   Tornado Shot Single Target Ballista

This shot is linked with ballista totem support used to obtain the single greatest damage. Take down your ballistic and target your primary Tornado shot and shoot. Ballista is also shot along with the primary Tornado shot when you shoot. It is because of focused Ballista Support.


3.   Utility and Auras

Molten shell is linked with the cast when damage is taken support reduce the damage of explosives. It absorbs 75% of the molten shell by itself from damage for a short time. A player cannot use this shell as it's on in this setup. Vaal Moltan shell has a panic button for on-demand and can absorb more considerable incoming damage up to 35 to 45%.


4.   Mark on Hit

Sniper's Mark is a projectile-based build. From this, enemies can take enormous damage and split when they hit the target. This gives players a frenzy of charges and sizeable extra damage for the bosses.


5.   Mobility

Mobility and fast movement speed play a vital role in Path of Exile. You will need the best possible mobility in PoE, and this build is the best option if you want the best movement speed in PoE. It provides you "Flame Dash" ability that allows the character to double its movement speed while in the combat state.



Ascendancy Breakdown - Anomalous Tornado Shot 

Playing with the Anomalous Tornado Shot is fun but also a significant challenge. This build comes with great mapping and clearing elements and additional projectiles. We will give you a depth ascendancy breakdown of this build and what extra elements this build can provide the player in PoE.


Anomalous Tornado Shot 3


1.   Gathering Winds 

Anomalous Tornado Shot does excellent damage and inflicts significant damage on the enemies if you use this build's primary attacks. Further, the "Gathering Winds" in this build provide the player an extra speed of an additional 20% while in the combat stance.


2.   Ricochet 

Ricochet provides a great upper hand in combat, especially if you are stuck in a cluster of monsters. The secondary attack increases the additional chain making the projectiles more fearsome and inflicting more damage to the enemies caught in these projectiles.


The projectile's attack will bounce from one enemy to another and increase the damage as it falls on the other enemy. Ricochet damage is multiplied by the attack strikes if it bounces back from the wall and hits the enemy again. The total damage will also be increased by 30% if it bounces back from the wall.


3.   Endless Munitions 

While in combat mode, if you are focusing on a single target, it will double the light attack strikes and damage. Consuming the "Endless Munitions" will offer the character two additional projectiles. The increased number of projectiles will double the amount of your damage you deal the enemy. Further, you will also get additional movement and clearing speed.


4.   Focal Point 

Anomalous Tornado shot damage effectivity is increased if you hit the enemy from a distance and by focusing on the target. You can use "Far Shot" to increase the weapon damage then you will need to use "Focal Point" to enhance your shot mark effectiveness.


Using a focal point will slightly reduce your mapping for a short time, but it will boost your substantial damage and increase your focus for the single clear shot.



Build Information and Scaling – Anomalous Tornado Shot 

Here is the in-depth information about this build Offence and Defence mechanism.



Tornado is hit based critical scaling shot for the attack. With the help of Bow, you can use pure physical damage. With the help of gear, we can convert it to elemental.


In general, we prefer the following stats, which you can found in very large on the Passive Skill Tree. However, we should rely on gear for our chance, damage, and projectile speed.

● Added flat Physical Damage

● Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier

● Elemental Penetration

● Generic Damage Increases

● Frenzy Charges

● Attack Speed

● Projectile Speed

● Additional Projectiles

● Auras Scaling

● Attributes



Focal Point Ascendancy allows for significant damage reduction while the map automatically activates as markers when you attack. If you're attacking, Tornado Shot has a ton of extra projectiles, so life gain is a very effective way of on-hit recovery.


You must focus on the most important statistics to ensure our defenses scale very effectively.

● Armour and Evasion from Gear, Flasks, Skill Tree, and Determination + Grace

● Capped Elemental Resistances at 75%

● 100% Spell Suppression

● 100% Ailment Avoidance

● Stun Immunity

● Corrupted Blood Immunity

● Aura Effect

● Mana & Life leech


Our primary weakness with all these defensive layers against hit damage is damage over time. As a result, our primary focus is always to maintain more time on targets on losing. 


Key Build Info – Anomalous Tornado Shot 

A tornado shot is a vital damage source for this build. Tornado shot does not attack with a shotgun like other projectile-based attacks. While positioning, Remember to stay far away from targets to get more advantages for the Far Shot. Take down your Ballista Totem support and fire on top of your target to get the highest possible damage.


Anomalous Tornado Shot 4


To confirm that your Critical Strike probability is maximized, do the following:

● You only need to equip Bow with having tier 3+ Critical chance roll.

● Roll the flask with having x%. Can increase Critical strike probability.

● Arm a diamond flask.


Crystallized Omniscience changes our characteristics into the Omniscience (omni) Stat. This means that Dexterity will not allow stealth and accuracy. Power will not harm life and Melee Damage.


Intelligence will not give an energy shield. Omniscience allows 1% elemental penetration and 1% to elemental confrontations per 15 Omniscience. It's necessary to note how much Omniscience you are receiving from something obvious.


For example, +25 Dexterity and Intelligence equal 25 Omniscience, and +12 all characteristics equal 12 Omniscience. Crystallized Omniscience is used to almost limit our conflicts, and provide a large amount of average elemental penetration.


This will allow builds to dodge aiming at an exact elemental damage type to be effective. The loving spot for Omniscience is about 1500. This bounds our resistances entirely to characteristics. Penetration damage cannot increase directly, so after a positive amount, all other stats turn good.



Passive Tree and Skill Gems

Gems are essential to the build, so getting the link set up before working on content is your primary goal.


Passive Skill Tree Progress

Passive skill allows players to enhance their abilities and combat abilities. You must allocate a large " Jewel " cluster in the empty jewel socket to use skills.


Once you fill the empty jewel sockets, ensure you have added the right set of jewels. After allocating all the jewels, you can add skills and abilities like Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh.


Skill Gems

Here is how you should utilize the gems in Anomalous Tornado Shot Build


1.    Tornado Shot

Our primary damage ability is Anomalous Tornado Shot. The unusual replacement standard is used because it provides an easy way to factor in a large portion of your damage. This conversion provides 100% physical to elemental conversion with Cold Mastery on the passive skill tree.


In the Trinity Support in the build, an icon appears in the screen's upper left corner that shows the buff's active state. After attacks on the enemy, if all three bars are filled, you are on the right path. If one remains empty, you must balance two of your three primary damage types, so their average damage is unevenly equal.


2.  Ballista Setup

For setting up Ballista, you will need to link  Awakened Elemental Damage with your Anomalous Tornado Shot. The link will provide you additional attack damage and Divergent to Inspiration Support.


Ballista setup will automatically modify your skill according to your game situation and combat mod. It will also enhance the damage of the focused primary attack of an Anomalous Tornado Shot. Your inflicting damage rate will also be multiple by "Awakened Vicious Projectiles Support," depending upon the speed and nature of your attacks.


3.    Auras

Auras play a vital role in Path of Exile. Activating "Auras" will provide additional damage to the enemies and double the damage of your physical attacks. It will also multiply your "Cold Damage" by X %, depending upon the state of your spell and inflicted damage.


Auras also enhance your Armour and the Evasion state by X %. Using Auras in a sand stance will increase Anomalous Blood and Sand's projectile damage and movement speed. Auras will also provide a great chance of Mana reverse and a better flat accuracy if you level it up.



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