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  • PoE Farming Guide: How to Farm a Headhunter
    By Nancy G2022-03-18 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, today MmoGah is going to teach you How to Farm a Headhunter every day of the week. However, this PoE guide needs you to play 12 hours in a single session at least, which is a little bit difficult. It deserves your time because the Headhunter is very valuable!


    How to Farm a Headhunter cover


    The Strategy

    The strat is very simple, and it's as follows:


    - Gilded Metamorph Scarabs

    - Double Catalyst Sextants

    - Rusted Expedition Scarabs

    - Gilded Scarabs from Possessed Monsters Sextant

    - Seance Node for free Possessions

    - ALL Essence Nodes + Remnants of Corruption

    - Most Metamorph Nodes

    - Most Expedition Nodes

    - All Altar/Eldritch Currency Nodes

    - Most Maps Nodes

    - Some Deli Nodes

    - Temporal Bubble/Treant Archnemesis Combo




    The Basic Tree is all you need.

    headhunter basic tree


    The Advanced Tree is what I'm running, but you don't have to run it. You can do whatever you want with the remaining points.

    headhunter Advanced Tree



    Loot Breakdown

    I'm going to be showing you some examples from a test I did, but we're just going to talk about the loot breakdown before we do.


    - 3x Guaranteed Gilded Scarabs Per Map from Sextant

    - 10-30 Catalysts from doubled catalyst Sextant

    - 3-6 Organs (3 Chaos Orbs Each) from Metamorph Nodes/Scarab

    - Loads of Essences from Nodes + Remnants of Corruption

    - Expedition Reroll Currencies from Nodes/Scarab & Archnemesis

    - Expedition Logbooks from Nodes/Scarab

    - Deception Contracts/Blueprints from Archnemesis

    - Searing Exarch Currencies from Altars

    - Other Scarabs from Altars

    - Occasional Deli Orbs/Splinters from naturally spawned Deli Mirrors

    - Raw Currencies from various sources



    Loot Example

    I ran a 12-map test of this strategy so that I could take screenshots of the loot to show you exactly what you're expecting from this sort of thing. I didn't do any archnemesis while doing this, so the amount of loot you see is actually less than what you can expect.


    I have the costs of the strat here. We are spending 189c per 12 maps, and we are making 1466c back from those 12 maps, so we're profiting 1277c. Overall that gives us a profit per map of 106c on average, and then if you multiply that by 14 because 14 is the number of maps I run per hour, then you're getting around 12 Exalted Orbs per hour.



    Temporal Bubble Explanation

    Now for those of you who are out of the loop, the Temporal Bubble Combo is considered the new best archnemesis recipe. There are a few different variations going around, and I don't actually agree with the ones that are being circulated. The combo that I'm going to present today, I think, is the best version because it is simple and substantial. The combo is doing Temporal Bubble into Treant Horde into Necromancer into Rejuvenating.



    Why you can do better


    - I didn't do ANY archnemesis combos during my test.

    - I wasn't picking great layouts for altar spawns.

    - You can probably clear maps faster than 4.5 minutes each.

    - You can Horizon orb low-value Gilded Scarabs for better ones.

    - You can Bulk Sell most maps for 4-6c each.

    - Everything was valued by Exilence at singles prices, but you should sell in bulk.

    - I didn't get lucky with any big-ticket drops during the test.



    Here is the end of the Headhunter's farming guide, and most of the content is derived from Fyre's video. You can give his video a "Like" and subscribe to his channel if you like his sharing. By the way, you can come to to buy safe PoE Currency to support your character.


    Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Fyregrass.




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