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PoE Delirium Guide to The November Event

PoE is one of the most famous ARPGs, and in November, GGG introduced a series of new events like Mayhem and Endless Delve, and now they have released the last event from their series called "Delirium Everywhere."


This article will guide you quickly about the "Delirium Everywhere" event. So, stay tuned to learn about farming currency, strategy, and much more.


PoE Delirium Guide to The November Event


November 21st Delirium Everywhere Event

The Delirium is coming soon, and Wraeclast is covered with the thick fog. Players will experience a new mechanic in the game where every inch of the map will be covered in the Delirium fog. Every location and region will have a dense fog upon them. The fog level of Delirium will be determined and scaled by the current area level.


The Delirium fog is scaled from minimum to maximum to 10% - 100% making it easy for new players as well. But the Delirium event will be challenging as some territories will be easy to defeat, but some areas will require a high level of skill and strategy to defeat.


So don't take the event as a Piece of cake. You will experience challenging combat in PoE Delirium Event. Monsters will be tough, they will respawn frequently, and your reward bars will be filled as you kill any monster; on the other hand, you will also get some handsome loot and drop.


Before you play the Delirium event, you need to keep a few things in your mind, as each territory will have a fixed percentage of Delirium fog. You will have to devise the best possible strategy to deal with spawning monsters; rewards will also be shuffled once you collect the drop from a specific area.


Delirium Everywhere Event Starting Time

If you are a fan of PoE and have played the recent events held this November, you must also be eagerly waiting for the Delirium Event. Below are the details of the Delirium event and when it will start.


Starting Time: The Delirium event is going to start on the 21st of November 2022 at 8:00 PM (GMT)

Ending Time: The Delirium event is going to end on the 28th of November 2022 at 8:00 PM (GMT)


Guide to Delirium Everywhere Prizes

As with all the previous events held in November, "Delirium Everywhere" will also be released on the 21st of November with fabulous prizes and different mechanics. In the "Delirium Everywhere" event, the prizes will differ from previous events.

Here is the list of rewards you can get by reaching a certain level in PoE during the event.


At Level 60: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 60 successfully, you can get the following items

1,000 Suffering Footprints

1,000 Ringmaster Weapon Effect

1,000 Necrotic Hood


At Level 70: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 70 successfully, you can get the following items

1,000 Arcane Voidagte Portal

1,000 Darkprism Portal

1,000 Blood guard Portal


At Level 80: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 80 successfully, you can get the following items

700 Scientist Character Effect

700 Pestilence Character Effect

700 Heartseeker Character Effect


At Level 85: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 85 successfully, you can get the following items

200 Megagurad Armour Pack

200 Automaton Armour Pack

200 Project Armour Pack


At Level 90: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 90 successfully, you can get the following items

200 Merchant Cloak

200 Viper Wings

200 Oil Drenched Wings


At Level 95: Random Rewards for Every Platform

Once you reach level 90 successfully, you can get the following items

50 Oblivion Wings

50 Stygian Armour Pack

50 Darkshard Aura Effect


Note:  These are all the rewards revealed by GGG. You will win these rewards at the specific level but as a random withdrawal. No rewards are fixed or have any particular condition to be collected.



All You Need to Know About Path of Exile Delirium League Mechanics

Further in the article, we explain the Path of Exile Delirium league mechanics. So whenever you intend to enter the Delirium map, you will see a giant mirror right at the beginning of the map, and to interact with the mirror, you have to walk through the mirror.


When you pass the mirror, it will take you to the new map. Delirium will cover the map with dense fog, and on the bottom left of your screen, you can see a little icon pop-up that will indicate that you are now interacting in the "Delirium Everywhere" map.


What is Delirium Map?

In the Delirium map, there will be no mirror to walk into when you enter the map. The whole map will just be covered in the fog, and there will be no time limit for you to complete the map. The fog will always remain as it does when you engage with the mechanics by walking in to mirror from regular to Delirium map.


The second thing to note in the Delirium map is that rewards will drop as soon you hit the milestones at every level rather than rewarding you at the end of the map.


You also need to take care of one more thing: inside this map, you can come across mini-Delirium bosses, and when you kill one, they will drop other simulacrum splinters. The cluster jewels are the most interesting Delirium-specific drops; they come in 3 sizes—large, medium, and small.


The Role of Dense Fog In Delirium Event

If you are worried about the fog in the Delirium league, remember that this fog will not last for a while. So, if you engage with the mechanic through the mirror, the fog will soon disappear, and the map mechanic will lower its density.


The fog will start to disappear from the beginning of the Delirium Map to the end of the map. So your primary goal should be to kill the monster in the fog and try to kill as many monsters as possible, as it is the only way to level up further and reach certain ranks to draw the awards.


Once you leave the fog, a little timer will be displayed on your screen. You will be given a window of 5 seconds to return to the fog and resume fighting with the monsters in the fog. Still, once the 5 seconds have elapsed, the encounter will end the league mechanic, and you will see that whatever rewards you have collected while killing monsters in the fog have been dropped.


Things to Take Care of in Delirium Event

Once you enter a new map, you will have to fight with a few monsters, and after killing them, you will be rewarded with precious loot, and reward icons will also pop up on your screen.


You will see your rewards go up as you kill the enemies in the fog. By killing a few monsters in the fog, you will achieve level 2 jewelry, and whenever you reach level 3, you will see the next reward pop up.


Although Delirium will be exciting and fun to play, you must play the Delirium by its rules to complete the map. We suggest you focus on leveling up your character in the Delirium map rather than collecting loot. Once you reach the required levels, you will automatically get a chance to gain some awesome loot in random draws.


Increasing your level will benefit you in both ways. It will increase the level of your rewards and also give you an extra perk in the Delirium map while fighting with the monsters in the fog. It's totally up to you how you are pleased with playing the Delirium event. You can use a strategy you want to increase your level or gain loot.


Increasing The Level in Delirium Event

The reward and character levels will increase as you kill the monsters in the fog. While in Delirium fog, you will see other monsters spawning, which is part of the Delirium league mechanic. These monsters are unique and different from the usual monsters you see in the actual game.


These monsters can give you pretty good loot and drops compared to the regular monsters in PoE. You can also increase your level in Delirium Map even faster by remaining in fog and killing the spawning monsters.


You can focus on one thing at one time. Either you can look for the sound drops, kill the mini-Delirium bosses only, and move forward fast. But this will automatically reduce your scale of leveling up as you are only hunting specific types for the drop.


On the other hand, you can increase your level faster and gain the chance of opening incredibly random draws. We have already given you the detail about the rewards and the required level to achieve those rewards. Leveling up in Delirium is not hard, but it's also not easy. It would help if you had good skills and strategy to hunt the monsters in the fog.


If you intend only to increase your level, you must stay still and kill the monsters while remaining in the fog. You don't need to be bothered about the type or level of any monster. As you kill and collect the loot from them, it will automatically increase the level of reward and character as well.



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