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PoE Currency Guide - How to Farm PoE Currency?

By kaustabdas2022-07-11

There are several ways you can farm currency in Path of Exile, and all of them require dedication and discipline. You can sell items and flip jewels for a quick buck, but to earn PoE currency consistently, you will need a solid strategy that remains viable throughout the expansion. We will be discussing some of the more successful strategies to farm currency here on  MmoGah. If you like what you learned here today, stay tuned for more.


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Important points

• Strategy - Before you begin, pick a strategy you want to follow throughout the expansion. It can be farming heists, Sextants, Inscriptions, etc.

• Build - Pick a build that’s perfect for the job. For bosses, you’ll require a high DPS build, while for farming maps, you’ll need tons of AOE and speed.



List of PoE Currency Farming Strategies (Unique Strategies)


Crimson Temple Farming


Strategy - Use Corrupted, Beyond portal, and Strongbox items to mod Crimson temple maps. For Scarabs, use the Divination/Abyss and Reliquary scarabs for best results.


Modifiers (Compasses) - Corrupted Compass modifies unique monsters to drop corrupted PoE Items. Beyond modifiers grant a 6% chance to attract monsters from beyond and a 25% chance to spawn more demons. Finally, Strongbox modifiers grant 500% increased item quantity and spawn an extra Strongbox on the map.


Modifiers (Scrabs) - Divination Scrabs grants 100% more Divination cards, Reliquary grants 150% more unique items, and Abyss grants 2 additional Abysses and increases monster spawns by 50%.


Atlas Skills -


1. Twice Tempted (additional Strongboxes)

2. Perpetual Search (4% chance for Alva Missions)

3. Black Thumb (+2 chance to contain other content)

4. Incursion Item Quantity (5% increased quantity of item drops)

5. All three Beyond Demon Item Quantity clusters (8% increased item quantity from Demons)

6. Entire Item quantity ring (1% increased item quantity)

7. Time Dilation (33% chance for all monsters to be magic and more time gain from kills)

8. First Wave (25% chance for Harbingers to be replaced with Harbinger bosses)

9. All Strongbox nodes such as Vault of Mysteries (Duplicated Divination cards from Strongboxes), Concealed Logistics (Maps in Strongboxes are duplicated), Backup Cache (Strongboxes contain duplicated currency items).

10. (Optional) Shadow of Hunder (30% increased chance to find Eater of Worlds).

11. (Optional) Rampant Growth (10% chance to duplicate Eldritch Ichor influenced by Eater of Worlds and monster packs have a 2% chance to contain Touching Tentacle Mass).

12. Ominous Arrival (Maps contain additional harbingers).

13. Underground Kingdom (1% Chance to contain Abyss per 2% increased pack size).


Preferred Build - Accuracy Stacking Juggernaut since the two main advantages of this build are high DPS and speed. It’s quite cheap to start off with, and you can upgrade the gear as you progress.


Profitability - Around 72 Exalted Orbs total earned from a 5-hour farm session (30 maps). The cost for modding each map is around 36 exalted orbs, so the net profit is 36 exalted orbs, which equals 7.2 exalts/hour. Moreover, the additional Sentinel items, miscellaneous rare drops, Apothecaries, and Squires grant a total profit of an extra 12-15 exalts/hour.


Farming Heists


Strategy - Farming heists involves running a bunch of Deception Maps, with the ultimate goal of getting your hands on gems, divination cards, and other currencies.


Simply put, the goal here is to run Deception contracts > use Rogue Markers to unveil unusual gem Blueprints > run Unusual Gem maps for maximum profit.


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Farm several of these maps in the most time-efficient way possible. After a hundred or so maps, you will sell the items in bulk for a sizable profit.


Rogues - Level up your Rogues and equip them with the right gear. The role of the Rogues is to complete the map faster and get you extra loot in the process. All Rogues have perks, but some are better than others. Here is a list of the Rogues in order of their importance:


Gearing Rogues - For this strategy, you will only be running Gianna contracts, so make sure she is fully equipped. The rest of the party is not that important, so equip them with some basic gear (it doesn’t have to be a full set).


Gianna - She reduces Blueprint and reveals the cost. Gear her with Precise Arrowhead, Foliate Broach (recommended for all the Rogues, Whisper-woven cloak, Regicide Disguise Kit (most important since it grants +1 level to all Heist Jobs).


Vinderi - Second most important rogue after Ginanna since he grants 16% to duplicate the content of Heist chests. Thaumetic Flashpower (+1 level to Heist jobs and increased job speed).


Huck and Nenet are not that important. They should be your last picks when it comes to hiring Rogues for Blueprints. The rest are pretty self-explanatory, so pick them based on your requirements.


Revealing Rooms from the Blueprint - After modding the contracts, go to Gianna to reveal the wings of your Blueprint. Then visit Whakano to reveal the individual hidden rooms. The most profitable rooms are the Divination cards and currency rooms. Anything else is usually not worth it. Visit the market to check if there are better items that yield higher profit and unlock those rooms as well.


Running a Contract - Visit Adiyah, select your contract and rogue, pick Deception and start the mission. Once you’re inside a contract, only target the big room and collect everything from the chests. Only focus on the small chests if you have the time. After you’ve grabbed the final item, hightail it out of the map because if you die, you lose everything.


Running a Blueprint (Grand Heist) - Visit Adiyah once again and select 'Prepare a Grand Heist’. This one is more difficult and rewarding. Once you’re in, look through the map and pre-pick the rooms you want to loot. You’ve spent around 4-5 Chaos Orbs on revealing these rooms, so ONLY visit those rooms that can refund that cost. Fossil, Currency, and Divination card rooms yield the most profit.


Once you’re in the Agility Room, check the cost of each skill gem to the current market. Anything below 15 chaos is not worth taking in the long run. Leave the heist map once you’re done with the gems. The other rooms are not worth visiting. It’s more time-efficient to repeat the process with another wing instead of scavenging the one you’re currently in.


How to Begin - Starting heists usually cost nothing because contracts are almost free at the beginning. Do whatever contracts you want to do, and after you’ve gathered some currency, you can start preparing for Deception contracts (most profitable).


Deception contracts cost 11-12 chaos each, but it’s worth the investment because you can make more than the initial cost per contract. So if you have 40-80 chaos lying around, you can invest all that into Deception contracts, run the maps and sell the spoils for a decent profit. Repeat the cycle until you have enough to run Blueprints. Running a Blueprint costs 1-2 exalts, but the payout is well worth the investment.


Preferred Builds - Build a character with high movement speed and survivability. Dealing with damage is not a priority. The goal is to get in, loot chests, and get out. A Righteous Fire Templar is a good build for the job because they can move fast and level up pretty well.


For gear, you will need Ahn’s Heritage, Beast Guardian, Corpse Coat, Pandemonium Caress, Legacy of Fury, Horror Star, and Plague Clasp. For flasks, it's going to be Quick Silver, Granite, Quartz, Ruby, and Divine Life.


The goal here is to stay alive, so life regeneration, movement speed, and healing are the only priorities here.



Miscellaneous PoE Currency making tips

• Use a loot filter to avoid picking bad bases.

• Avoid pricing items below 5c at league start. Once the league has established a price, everything is at least 10c.

• Reroll popular uniques for better attributes. Nobody buys badly rolled uniques, so it's better to sell them to the vendor.

• Always price items 20% above the price listed on the official site.

• Price-mark your tabs (5c, 10c, 15c, 20c). Avoid listing low-value items if you have fewer tabs. If some items don’t sell, drop them to a lower price tier.


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• Vaal Orb any unique jewels that are popular in the current meta. If you land the ‘cannot be afflicted with corrupted blood’ or ‘cannot be silenced’ attribute, you can sell it for 80c to 1 exalt.

• Always roll level 80+ Abyssal jewels. You can land on decent modifiers using a few alts and regals. Use scouring on rare jewels before you start rolling for modifiers. You can sell these for ~25c.

• General jewel price table:


4 powerful mods, including life

~2 exalt

Life + 2 powerful damage mods


3 Damage mods





• If you have a level 84+ Vaal Regalia, use dense fossils on it. With a decent energy shield roll, you can easily sell it for 60+ chaos.



Parting Thoughts

There are several ways you can make currency in Path of Exile, but the most important thing of all is to have fun. Keeping track of all these can feel frustrating at times. If you roll some really powerful items that can benefit your build, play around with them and aerate new builds. Hopefully, you’ve found this guide helpful, and stay tuned for PoE-related tips from





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