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  • PoE Builds 3.23: Divine Ire Totems Hierophant Build
    By Nancy G2024-02-08 16:21:41

    Creating a guide for a Path of Exile (PoE) build involves discussing various aspects such as the build's core mechanics, gear, skill tree, gems, leveling process, and gameplay strategy. Here's a comprehensive guide for a Divine Ire Totems Hierophant build in Path of Exile version 3.23.


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    The Divine Ire Totems Hierophant build leverages the powerful Divine Ire skill in a totem setup to unleash massive bursts of energy on enemies. This build is favored for its high damage output, excellent area coverage, and safety, as the totems can tank damage for the player. It's suitable for players who enjoy a totem playstyle with high burst damage potential, making it effective for both boss fights and clearing maps.



    Core Mechanics

    Skill: Divine Ire charges up energy before releasing it in a powerful beam, dealing physical and lightning damage converted from a base of physical damage. When used with totems, each totem independently charges and releases the beam, allowing for multiple beams to hit the same target for significant damage.


    Ascendancy: Hierophant is chosen for its totem enhancements, including additional totem placements, increased totem durability, and mana benefits, which are crucial for sustaining the totem's mana cost.


    Totem Support Gems: Specific support gems such as "Spell Totem Support" are essential to convert Divine Ire into a totem skill. Additional supports will focus on increasing damage, cast speed, and totem survivability.



    Skill Tree and Ascendancy Points

    Early Game Focus: Initially, prioritize life and mana nodes to sustain your totem placement and survivability. Grab totem damage nodes such as "Ancestral Bond" which allows placing an additional totem but prevents you from dealing damage with your own skills, perfect for a totem build.


    Ascendancy Points: Start with "Pursuit of Faith" for additional totem placement and increased totem duration. Follow up with "Ritual of Awakening" for even more totems and mana regeneration per totem placed. "Conviction of Power" offers endurance and power charge generation, enhancing both defense and offense. Finally, "Divine Guidance" increases maximum mana and offers a portion of damage taken from mana before life, improving survivability.




    Weapon: Look for staves or scepters with bonuses to spell damage, cast speed, and/or totem damage. A unique option is "Shimmeron" for high-crit builds.


    Armor: "Soul Mantle" is ideal for totem builds as it allows you to place an additional totem but applies a random curse when a totem dies. Counteract this downside with "Kikazaru" rings or the "Self-Flagellation" jewel.


    Other Gear: Prioritize life, mana, and resistances on your other gear pieces. Look for items with increased totem damage or cast speed where possible.



    Gems and Links

    Main Skill: Divine Ire - Spell Totem Support - Increased Critical Strikes - Controlled Destruction - Added Lightning Damage - Concentrated Effect (for bosses) / Increased Area of Effect (for clearing).


    Aura Setup: Zealotry and Wrath will increase spell and lightning damage. Consider Enlighten Support to reduce mana reservation.


    Utility Skills: Flame Dash for mobility and Cast When Damage Is Taken (low level) with Immortal Call for defensive utility.



    Leveling Tips

    Start by using any spell to level up until you can equip Divine Ire and your totems. Use Freezing Pulse or Arc, as they don't require specific gear to be effective. Transition to your totem setup around level 28, when you can equip the Spell Totem Support gem. Focus on leveling gems that will be part of your final build to keep them up to pace with your progression.



    Gameplay Strategy

    Place your totems strategically to cover the area and focus fire on bosses. Use Flame Dash to maintain distance and reposition.


    Manage your mana effectively, as totem builds can be mana-intensive. Ensure you have enough mana regeneration or flask support to sustain totem placement.


    Be mindful of your totems' health and replace them as needed, especially in boss fights where they can be targeted and destroyed quickly.




    The Divine Ire Totems Hierophant build offers a blend of high damage potential, area control, and survivability, making it a versatile choice for various Path of Exile content. By strategically placing totems and managing resources, players can unleash devastating beams of energy on their foes, tearing through maps and bosses alike. Remember, the key to maximizing this build's potential lies in optimizing gear, skill tree choices, and gameplay strategy to balance offense and defense effectively. Whether you're new to totem builds or an experienced player looking for a powerful setup, the Divine Ire Totems Hierophant build is a formidable choice in Path of Exile 3.23.