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PoE Builds 3.20 – Jugg Righteous Fire Build

Path of Exile is the best game that falls under isometric ARPG. Path of Exile frequently releases updates and patches to fix the game and keep the PoE community alive and active. The 3.20 patch introduced the new Righteous Fire Build variant known as "Juggernaut Righteous Fire build."


This guide will give you an overview of the Juggernaut Righteous Fire build and how you can use this build to beat even the most challenging content in PoE and have the best currency farming in the end game.


Jugg Righteous Fire Build pic 1


Righteous Fire Build Introduction

Before we go for the Jugg Righteous Fire build, we would love to give you a basic overview so it will be easy for you to understand the Jugg righteous build introduced in the 3.20 patch of PoE.


The Righteous Fire build is considered the best for new players as this build deals great DMG, especially if you are fighting against the bosses on PoE. You can say it's on par with the Inquisitor version because of its ability to block most attacks.


The spell block goes up to 75%, protecting the character from heavy DMG. This is a basic version of the Righteous Fire build and is the best build if you are at the initial stage, but if you are looking for something more advanced than the basic version, it can be a little complex, and you might need to make another Exile later on.


Righteous Fire build gives the player an upper hand in the game by providing the faster mapping skill, but righteous fire also has a dark side. It can curse your immune permanently, so it becomes hard to progress in the game by sticking only with a single build.


Righteous Fire Build Introduction 2



Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build Overview

As we all know, the "Righteous Fire Build" has been introduced in PoE since the beta version of the game, and to this day, the build is considered very durable and strong.


There have been many variations in the righteous build from Occultist to the Hybrid Inquisitors, and now in the 3.20 patch, they have introduced Juggernaut. Jugg is the strongest from the previous version of the Righteous Fire build.


Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build – Strong & Defensive

Juggernaut Righteous Fire build is the best build. Although this build's DMG is slightly lower than the other build, this build offers excellent defense. Jugg builds provide great clearing speed and has a much easier opportunity to get the defensive layers applied to your Exile.


Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build 3


The best part of using this build is that you don't need any complex element of gems for increasing the defense as, by default, your primary defensive layer comes from the armor stacking. Jugg build is also the best protective build, as using the build will protect you from additional and elemental DMG.


Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build – Strikes & Ability

Jugg Righteous Fire build enables players to charge their enemies heavily and set them on fire. The stronger the charge will be it will cause more devastating DMG to the enemies. Jugg charge can also kill enemies instantly if they are weak or low on health.


Even during the heavy charge with Jugg, you will still be able to maintain its defensive system if you encounter stronger enemies. You can use Throwing Fire Traps.


It will give you an upper hand in the game by inflecting little DMG to the enemy and distracting them, giving you the window for charging an enemy with a heavy charge.



Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build – Breakdown

Further, we will break down the Juggernaut Righteous Fire build and its pros and cons to make it easy for you to select the best build according to your play style.


Playstyle and Combat

You can activate your "Shield Charge" or keep it simple whenever you enter the fighting zone with the Juggernaut Righteous Fire build. It is up to your preference. Primary for getting the upper hand over your enemies, you can activate Frostblink.


Frostblink can deal massive DMG to the rare pack of monsters. It will set them on fire, inflicting additional fire DMG. Jugg can explode half of the map full of enemies by activating "Infernal Cry." This will ignite your enemies. If the enemy is weak, it will be burned to death. If you activate "Infernal Cry" on the strong enemies, it will deal massive DMG to the enemies.


You can also use Fire traps on strong enemies, which will set them on fire and slowly burn them down, causing them more DMG.


DMG Scaling & Defensive Layers

We have breakdown a few most recorded stats of the Jugg so we can have a better view of Jugg's defensive and strike system and % of dealing DMG to the enemies.


Defensive Layers 4


High Sources of % Increased DMG.

Increase fire DMG with X % (Sceptre, Shield, Passive Tree, jewels)

Increase Burn DMG by X % (Sceptre, Jewel, Passive Tree)

Increase Elemental DMG by X % (Passive Tree)


Large Amounts of DMG Over Time Multiplier

Over time fire DMG will be multiplied (Passive Tree, Sceptre, Jewel)


+ To the level of Gems

Spell Skill level up by +1 (Sceptre, Amulet)

Fire Spell Skills level up by +1 (Sceptre, Amulet)


-  Enemy Fire Resistance.

Flammability of enemy decreases by (Usually curse on hit)

Fire Exposure of enemy decreases by (Master of Fire or Eater of Worlds Influence Gloves)

Scorch of enemy decreases by (Legacy of Fury or scorch ground boots)

Combustion of enemy decrease by (Applied via combustion gem)



Pros & Cons of Using Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build

To beat difficult content in PoE, you must acquire a strong build that matches your play style. But every build has pros and cons, as does the Jugg Righteous Fire build. Below are some Pros and Cons of Jugg Righteous Fire Build.



League Starter – You can use the build immediately when you acquire your ascendancy.

One Button Playstyle – All you need to activate your build. Once you activate it, you will only use two buttons, one for "Shield charge " and the other for Frost blink.



DMG – Juggernaut Righteous Fire build effectively inflects the DMG to the enemies, but it has a solid defensive system.

Map Mods & Melee – Using melee can be complex for the new player. You have to be well-geared and keep an eye out for the rare monsters.




This guide has discussed the newly introduced Juggernaut Righteous Fire build in depth. We have given you an overview and the pros and cons of Juggernaut Righteous Fire Build, so it will be easy to understand whether you should go with this build. If you want to learn more about the best builds on Path of Exile: Forbidden Sanctum, visit our PoE News Page.



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