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PoE Builds 3.20: Accessible Cyclone Slayer Build Guide - Murder on a Budget

By Pen Slingers2023-03-14

Cyclone Slayer is a melee build in Path of Exile that utilizes the Cyclone skill to deal damage and move around the battlefield quickly. This build is great for players who enjoy fast-paced combat. 


For a fast-paced playstyle or for those who want to tackle endgame content, Cyclone Slayer can deal massive physical damage and survive even the toughest encounters with the right gear and passive tree setup.


In this guide, we'll go over the basics of the Cyclone Slayer build, including the skill gem setup, passive tree, recommended gear, and how to earn currency fast.


Accessible Cyclone Slayer Build Guide


What is Cyclone Build – Is it Good for You?

Cyclone is one of the most enjoyable skill gems in Path of Exile, as it provides a thrilling sensation of slaying enemies. However, scaling its damage can be challenging due to the rarity of weapons that can provide enough power in the late game.


This guide offers a different approach, focusing on a budget-friendly path that allows for clear upgrades to your character and the ability to achieve the Cyclone Slayer build's fullest potential instead of relying on hard-to-get rare weapons. You will need to have clear and concise methods for optimizing your passive skill tree, gem links, and recommended gear. With these strategies, you can create a powerful Cyclone Slayer character to take on the most rigid endgame content and emerge victorious.


Why it is Best for New Players

The Cyclone skill offers a powerful attack that allows the player to spin in place and deal damage to all nearby enemies. The skill also grants movement speed and makes the player immune to stun and knockback while active, making it an excellent defensive option.


This combination of offensive and defensive capabilities makes the Cyclone Slayer build a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. One of the key advantages of the Cyclone Slayer build is its flexibility in gear and passive skill tree setup. This makes it a great option for players on a budget who may need access to the game's most powerful gear and items.


With the right gear and skill tree setup, a Cyclone Slayer build can tackle endgame content and take down even the most challenging bosses.



Selecting Class Ascendancy – Cyclone Build

For the Cyclone build, the recommended Ascendancy class is Slayer. The Slayer Ascendancy offers several powerful passive skills and bonuses well-suited for the Cyclone playstyle.


Class Ascendancy – Cyclone Build


Overwhelm – This passive skill allows you to penetrate enemy physical damage reduction, increasing your damage output against tough enemies.

Brutal Fervor – This passive skill significantly boosts your life leech rate, allowing you to recover health during combat quickly.

Endless Hunger - This passive skill allows you to continue gaining life leech even when your life is full, providing additional survivability.

Headsman – This passive skill increases your damage output against tough enemies and allows you to kill enemies below a certain threshold instantly.


Selecting the Slayer Ascendancy for your Cyclone build, you can significantly enhance your damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness in combat.



Pros and Cons of the Cyclone Build

Sure, here are some potential pros and cons of the Cyclone build in Path of Exile:



Cyclone is a fun and satisfying skill, providing a thrilling sensation of spinning around and dealing massive amounts of physical damage to enemies.

Cyclone provides a great balance of offense and defense, granting movement speed and making the player immune to stun and knockback while active.

Cyclone Slayer is a great option for players on a budget, as it does not rely on rare weapons or gear to be effective.



Cyclone can be risky, as it requires the player to be close to enemies and can leave them vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Cyclones can be resource-intensive, requiring a significant amount of mana or other resources to sustain the skill over extended periods.

The build can be challenging to master, requiring precise timing and positioning to maximize damage and minimize risk.



The Budget Restrictions and Why They Matter

One of the main attractions of the Cyclone Slayer build is that it can be effective even on a limited budget. However, it is important to understand the budget restrictions of the build and why they matter.


First, the gear requirements for the Cyclone Slayer build. Unlike other builds in Path of Exile, Cyclone Slayer does not rely on expensive or rare items to be effective. Selecting the right gear can be critical to the success of the build.


The budget restrictions of the Cyclone Slayer build mean that you may not be able to afford the most powerful items in the game. Instead, you must be creative and look for budget-friendly alternatives that still provide the necessary stats and bonuses. 


Next, The Cyclone Slayer build relies on a specific set of passive skills to be effective. While some of these skills may require significant skill points, there are still ways to optimize your passive skill tree, even on a limited budget. This may mean focusing on specific clusters of passive skills that provide the most benefits for the least investment or finding ways to allocate your skill points more efficiently.



Passive Skill Tree and Gem Links for Cyclone Slayer

The Cyclone Slayer build in Path of Exile requires careful consideration of both the passive skill tree and gem links. With the right setup, you can maximize your damage output and survivability, allowing you to take on even the toughest endgame content.


The Cyclone Slayer build relies on a specific set of passive skills to be effective.


Passive Skill

Passive skills are skill nodes on a character's passive skill tree. These nodes provide a range of benefits, including increased attributes, damage, defense, and utility. Passive skills allow players to customize their characters to suit their playstyle, and the tree's vast size provides a high degree of build variety.


Two-handed Weapons - The Cyclone Slayer build is most effective when using a two-handed weapon, so you must invest in the appropriate passive skills to boost your damage output.

Life and Leech – Survivability is critical for the Cyclone Slayer build, so you must invest in passive skills that boost your life and provide a leech.

Melee Damage and Attack Speed – To maximize your damage output with Cyclone, you must invest in passive skills that boost your melee damage and attack speed.

Endurance Charges – Endurance charges provide additional damage mitigation and survivability, so you will want to invest in passive skills that grant or enhance these charges.


Gem Linking

You can link skill gems with support gems to enhance the abilities of your active skills. Gem linking enables players to customize their characters' abilities, providing additional damage, area of effect, and other bonuses. Choosing the right gems and links is crucial for maximizing a character's combat potential.


Cyclone – This is the primary skill for the build, providing massive physical damage and mobility.

Melee Physical Damage – This gem increases your physical damage output, making Cyclone even more deadly.

Brutality – This gem increases your physical damage even further at the cost of disabling any elemental damage.

Impale – This gem provides additional physical damage and allows you to stack impale effects on enemies.

Fortify – This gem provides additional damage reduction and survivability.

Blood Magic – This gem allows you to use Cyclone without spending mana, at the cost of sacrificing life instead.



Leveling Tips and Strategies for Cyclone Slayer

Here are some tips that you must follow to boost up the leveling of the Cyclone build


1.   Start with A Solid Leveling Setup

In the game's early stages, you'll want to focus on getting your hands on a good weapon and some effective support gems. Look for weapons with high physical damage, and consider using support gems like Added Fire Damage, Melee Physical Damage, and Ruthless to increase your damage output.


2.   Prioritize Life and Resistance

Survivability is key in Path of Exile, so focus on increasing your maximum life and resistance as you level up. Look for gear with high life and resistance bonuses, and consider using passive skills on the skill tree that boost your maximum life.


3.   Take Advantage of Movement Skills

Cyclone is a powerful skill, but it can be slow to move from one area to another. Use movement skills like Leap Slam or Whirling Blades to quickly navigate areas and avoid taking unnecessary damage.


4.   Focus On Clearing Speed

Cyclone is a great skill for clearing large groups of enemies quickly. Look for ways to increase your area of effect and attack speed, and consider using support gems like Increased Area of Effect and Faster Attacks to maximize your clearing potential.


5.   Complete Quests and Farm Zones

Completing quests and farming zones is a great way to gain experience and level up your character quickly. Consider running zones with high monster density and complete any side quests and optional objectives for extra experience and rewards.



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