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PoE Builds 3.17: Critical Arc Build - Elementalist Witch

Dear exiles, today, the professional gaming store MmoGah will share the Critical Arc Build - Elementalist Witch, which is a hot Path of Exile build with you.


Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch




Look for these mods on rare items

- Lightning Damage

- Spell Damage

- Cast Speed

- Critical Chance

- Elemental Resistances

- Life

- Dexterity


Recommended Uniques

- Inpulsa's Broken Heart

- The Brine Crown

- Singularity

- Void Battery

- Light of Lunaris


Rare Body Armour

While saving PoE currency to buy an Inpulsa, you can use a budget armour like this:

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch rare armour


Rare Helmet

When you have more currency, get a helmet with these mods:

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch helmet


Rare Weapon

When you have more currency, get a weapon like this:

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch weapon


Rare Shield

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch shield 1

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch shield 2


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Diamond Flask

- The Wise Oak

- Rumi's Concoction


Gameplay Gear

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch gear






Arc – Inspiration – Spell Echo – Added Lightning Damage – Lightning Penetration – Increased Critical Damage


- Start forming a 4L Inspiration, Spell Echo and Added Lightning Damage.

- When you get an armour with 5 or 6L, you can add Increased Critical Damage and Lightning Penetration.



Summon Flame Golem – Summon Stone Golem – Summon Lightning Golem – Culling Strike


- Those golems grant a lot of useful buffs:

- Flame Golem grants 56% increased damage.

- Stone Golem grants 294 Life regeneration per second.

- Lightning Golem grants 28% increased cast speed.

- They also instant kill bosses with 10% Life or lower.



Frost Shield – Increased Area of Effect – Arcane Surge – Increased Duration


- Frost Shield is for bosses. It grants more survivability and increases your critical chance. It will also trigger Arcane Surge for more damage and cast speed.



Wrath – Zealotry – Clarity – Vitality


- Wrath grants more lightning damage.

- Zealotry grants more spell damage.

- Clarity grants more mana regeneration.

- Vitality grants more Life regeneration.



Arcanist Brand – Assassin's Mark – Wave of Conviction


- This brand is for bosses. It will curse them with Assassin's Mark for more critical chance and multiplier.

- It will also cast a Wave of Conviction, reducing their lightning resistance.



Steelskin – Increased Duration – Flame Dash


- Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. Put it in your left-click shortcut, so you will cast while walking.

- Flame Dash is a great movement skill.





Look for these mods on rare jewels:

- Lightning Damage

- Spell Damage

- Cast Speed

- Critical Multiplier

- Maximum Life


Watcher's Eye

 Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch watcher's eye



Skill Tree

Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch skill tree




Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Garukhan




Critical Arc Build Elementalist Witch bandits




This build has a super easy leveling process. It is beginner-friendly.



- Start using Spark on level 1 and change for Arc on level 12.


Leveling setup of links:

- The first skill you get is Fireball. Use it until you reach the first town.

- There, talk to Tarkleigh and take Spark as your quest reward.

- Reaching level 8, replace Arcane Surge with Added Lightning Damage. Also, add Efficacy.

- Reaching level 10, activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

- Reaching level 12, replace Spark with Arc.

- Also, on level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

- Reaching level 18, replace Efficacy with Faster Casting and add Elemental Focus.

- Reaching level 38, replace Faster Casting with Spell Echo.

- Around level 60, replace Elemental Focus with Inspiration.

- Also, on level 60, remove Skitterbots and add Wrath and Zealotry to your auras.

- Around level 70, you can add Vitality to your auras.

- You need the masteries that grant 100% mana reservation efficiency to Clarity and Vitality. Don't forget to pick them on your passive tree.


Recommended Items

- Tabula Rasa

- Goldrim

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Lifesprig

- Asenath's Mark

- Axiom Perpetuum

- The Dark Seer

- Heartbreaker



That's all of this build. Welcome to mmogah.com to see more useful builds. And you can also buy PoE items to support your build.


Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Daniel Toledo.



Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas - Critical Arc Build - Elementalist Witch - PoE 3.17 Archnemesis



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