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PoE Builds 3.14: Brutal Exsanguinate Build - Elementalist Witch

Welcome to the professional PoE Shop. Today we will share the Brutal Exsanguinate Build - Elementalist Witch with you exiles. I hope this build can help you a lot. Now let's begin.


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch cover




Look for these mods on rare items

- Physical Damage

- Damage Over Time

- Spell Damage

- Dot Multiplier

- Elemental Resistances

- Life

- Dexterity


Mandatory Ring


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch mandatory ring



- At least 30 Dexterity

- At least 50 Life



- You need one Unset Ring for this build.

- With this Unset Ring, you will be able to have Steelskin.


Mandatory Uniques

Cold Iron Point

- Two Cold Iron Point daggers are the best weapons for this build. They grant "+3 to Level of all Physical Spell Skill Gems". This grants a big load of damage to our Exsanguinate.

- This dagger might be a little expensive during the first few days of a new league. You can use two Heartbreakers as a replacement while waiting for the price to drop.


The Primordial Chain

- In this build, we are also abusing Elementalist's golem nodes.

- We need a lot of golems for it to work properly.

- This amulet grants "+3 to maximum number of golems".

- With this amulet, you will have seven golems, which grant:

369% increased damage

24% reduced physical damage taken

861 life regenerated per second

55% increased cast speed

- If, besides the Primordial Chain, you have one Anima Stone + two Primordial Eminence, you will have nine golems and:

459% increased damage

28% reduced physical damage taken

1000 life regenerated per second

64% increased cast speed

- Unfortunately, this amulet is also kind of expensive during the first few days of a new league. In that case, you can just use a generic amulet with life and resistances while waiting for the price to drop.

- Without this amulet, you will have four golems and:

234% increased damage

18% reduced physical damage taken

653 life regenerated per second

42% increased cast speed


Rare Helmet


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch rare helmet



- Nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage.

- Some Life



- Look for a Helmet with mods like these.

- They are not so cheap.

- You can get a Bone Helmet as a budget option.


Rare Gloves


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch rare gloves



- Some Life

- Socketed gems deal 30% more Damage Over Time.



- I highly recommend you to get gloves like these to help with your single target damage.

- While saving PoE Currency to buy them, you may use generic gloves with life and resistances.


Rare Body Armour


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch rare body armour



- Some Life

- You can apply an additional curse.

- Some Armour

- Some Energy Shield



- With an armour like this, you will be able to curse your enemies with Poacher's Mark for more damage.


Recommended Uniques

- Belly of the Beast


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Basalt Flask

- Rumi's Concoction

- Witchfire Brew


Gameplay Gear

Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch gear







- Start forming a 4L with Efficacy, Chain, and Unleash.

- When you get an armour with 5 or 6L, you can add Cruelty and Brutality.


ExsanguinateEfficacySwift AfflictionControlled DestructionCrueltyBrutality

- When facing big bosses, you can replace Chain and Unleash with Swift Affliction and Controlled Destruction.



Summon Stone GolemSummon Flame GolemSummon Lightning GolemSummon Chaos Golem

- Stone Golem grants more life regeneration.

- Flame Golem grants more damage.

- Lightning Golem grants more cast speed.

- Chaos Golem grants reduced physical damage taken.



Corrupting FeverSwift AfflictionEfficacyBrutality

- Corrupting Fever causes your hits to apply Corrupting Blood for more Damage Over Time.

- It stacks up to 10 times.



Vaal GraceVaal Righteous FirePoacher's MarkIncreased Duration

- Vaal Grace grants a temporary chance to avoid damage. You can use it on bosses.

- Poacher's Mark causes enemies to take a lot more physical damage and even generates frenzy charges. (You will need the "Additional Curse" body armour in order to use it)

- Vaal Righteous Fire grants more than 19% spell damage for some seconds, and it is great for bosses.



PrideMalevolenceWar Banner

- Pride causes enemies to take a lot more physical damage.

- Malevolence grants more Damage Over Time Multiplier.

- War Banner causes enemies to take more physical damage.


Flame DashArcane Surge (Level 1) – Storm Brand

- Flame Dash is a great movement skill.

- Storm Brand hits enemies lots of times per second. It is great for keeping ten Corrupting Blood stacks on bosses, and the Corrupting Blood stacks even generate frenzy charges with Poacher's Mark.




- Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. You can put it in your left-click shortcut, so you will cast while walking.





Look for these mods on rare jewels:

- Physical Damage

- Spell Damage

- Damage Over Time

- Dot Multiplier

- Maximum Life


Unique Jewel

The Anima Stone

- This jewel allows us to have two more golems.

- It's not mandatory.


Primordial Eminence

- If you use The Anima Stone, you will also need two Primordial Eminence.


Abyss Jewel


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch abyss jewel



- X% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill.



- I highly recommend you to get an abyssal jewel like this.


Watcher's Eye


Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch watcher's eye



- +X% to Damage Over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence.



- This kind of Watcher's Eye is not cheap, but it can optimize your damage.

- It is not mandatory.



Skill Tree

Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch skill tree




Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Garukhan




Brutal Exsanguinate Build Elementalist Witch bandit




This build has an easy leveling process, and it is beginner-friendly.



- Use Fireball until level 4.

- Get your Summon Raging Spirits when you reach lvl 4 and use it until lvl 38, when you will start using Exsanguinate.

- Keep Exsanguinate equipped since lvl 12 to level up the skill gem.         


Leveling setup of links:

- The first skill you will get is Fireball. You can use it on level 4.

- As soon as you reach the first town, get Raise Zombies as your quest reward.

- You can use it as your secondary skill.

- Reaching level 4, you can replace Fireball with Summon Raging Spirits.

- Reaching level 8, you can support Summon Raging Spirits with Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage, and Melee Splash.

- Also, on level 8, you can support your Raise Zombies with Minion Damage.

- Reaching level 10, you can use a skeleton totem for extra boss damage.

- Also, on level 10, you should activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

- When you reach level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

- Reaching level 18, you can replace Added Fire Damage with Melee Physical Damage on your Summon Raging Spirits setup.

- Also, on level 18, you can support your Zombies with Minion Life and Melee Physical Damage.

- When you reach level 38, replace Summon Raging Spirits with Exsanguinate.

- Also, on level 38, you can replace Clarity and Skitterbots with War Banner, Herald of Purity, and Pride.

- As soon as you get a 5 or 6L body armour, you can use the main setup.

- Around level 60, when you pick Sovereignty in your passive tree, you can replace Herald of Purity with Malevolence.


Recommend PoE Items

- Tabula Rasa

- Lochtonial Caress

- Goldrim

- Lifesprig

- Wanderlust

- Asenath's Mark

- Praxis

- The Dark Seer

- Heartbreaker



The content above comes from the video of Daniel Toledo. If you find it helpful, don't forget to subscribe to his channel. For more PoE Builds, stay tuned to MmoGah.

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