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PoE Build 3.21: Venom Gyre Deadeye Build

By Pen Slingers2023-04-11

A High Budget Deadeye Construct called the Omniscience Venom Gyre costs roughly 100 Divine Orbs. The Venom Gyre Deadeye build utilizes Crystallized Omniscience to stack its attributes and increase the number of projectiles, resulting in a vast area of effect and heightened elemental penetration.


It is a mapping beast that deals enough damage to eliminate every single boss of PoE. This is the perfect build to shoot tons of projectiles that fork and chain through every enemy.


This blog will examine the new content, features, skills, equipment, and more currency to harvest in Path of Exile 3.21: Crucible to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to play.


poe 3.21 Venom Gyre Deadeye pic


Playstyle and Build Information

Path of Exile's build 3.21: Venom Gyre Deadeye is a fast-paced and versatile build that revolves around the Venom Gyre skill, which launches a spinning blade that poisons enemies. Here are some playstyle and build information to help you get started.


Kaom's Spirit and & Berserk

The Kaom's Spirit gloves turn the ability to heal into the ability to become angry. This happens after taking into account how quickly you can heal yourself. By adding equipment with certain characteristics, like increased healing rates, you can ensure you can stay angry for longer periods.


Launching Caught Projectiles

Venom Gyre's projectiles bounce back at you and can be caught. When employed, Whirling Blades launch captured projectiles in a spiraling motion. The projectiles are fired out fast but individually. Always attack without moving the checkbox on Whirling Blades, which must be unchecked to accomplish this. You should also mouse over the target you want to name lock onto before pushing the button.


Ailment Avoidance

You can attain 100% Ailment Avoidance by itemization. This will protect you from all other damages like shocks, chills, freezes, and ignites. It is vital to plan for this because Eldritch Altars and some uncommon monsters can reflect the non-damaging diseases you inflict on them.


Spell Suppression

Suppression is a very effective defensive layer because it reduces all incoming spell damage by half. Passive tree clusters' enormous amount of spell suppression granted makes reaching the spell suppression cap simple. The remaining expenses will be itemized to ensure you are at 100% level or greater.



Hits will do less physical harm when you are wearing armor. It is given and raised using a Granite Flask, Armor, and Evasion item bases when activated by Cast when Damage Taken Support, Molten Shell provides a benefit that is enhanced by your base armor and deflects incoming damage for a predetermined period.



The significant damage reduction bonus from becoming Berserk lasts until you lose all your wrath. It will have an uptime of about 70% because you will be stacking a lot of rage regeneration using Kaom's Spirit.



Throughout four seconds, Progenesis causes 25% of the incoming damage to be sustained. This damage can be gradually mitigated by an equivalent amount of leech, recoup, regen, or life acquired on impact, thereby reducing damage against hits.


Venom Gyre Deadeye 2


Pantheon & Bandits

Our preferred Major Pantheon is Lunaris because it offers more movement speed and damage reduction. Our Minor Pantheon of choice is Aberath; it provides immunity from the burning ground when wholly upgraded. Minor Pantheon additionally offers Ralakesh as a choice if you require access to a defense against Corrupted Blood.


Venom Gyre Deadeye 3



Make sure your Blood Rage and all of your auras are engaged while mapping. Use the Venom Gyre to attack until you have captured 30 projectiles. Release your captured projectiles in a spiral around you with Whirling Blades. Press the Vaal Venom Gyre after it has finished charging to generate captured projectiles, and then keep performing Whirling Blades until the Vaal skill timer runs out.


Venom Gyre Deadeye 4



Path of Exile's 3.21: Crucible update adds a variety of new crafting choices, making it more straightforward for players to produce the goods they want, albeit you'll need more PoE Currency for better chances. Put your Ancestral Protector totem down when you come across a boss to boost your attack speed significantly. Move the mouse pointer over the target until it is selected, then press Whirling Blades to release your captured projectiles in a spiral around you.


Venom Gyre Deadeye 5


Skill Gems and Passive Tree

More detailed information about the Skill Gems and Passive Tree for the PoE Build 3.21: Venom Gyre Deadeye is here.


Skill Gems

Make sure the quality of your skill gems is appropriate. For some gems to work, you must reach a particular level. This is particularly crucial for some auras and specific defensive configurations. Not all gems must be at their highest level.


Venom Gyre

Venomous Divergent Gyre Projectiles are thrown that cause elemental damage. When grabbed, these projectiles can be fired with Whirling Blades and come back to you. Elemental Damage from Awakened forms of attack support significantly increases the damage and, at its highest level, offers immunity to elemental reflection. Diverse Inspirational assistance gives us significant elemental damage, a significant reduction in our mana cost, and a small increase in critical hit probability.



Wrath adds a lot of additional lightning damage. Rage adds a lot of additional fire damage. Our physical damage mitigation and Molten Shell shield value are scaled by determination. To enable activation, Enlighten Support is linked to all core auras. Vitality offers significant life regeneration, which Kaom's Spirit transforms into fury generation.


Sniper's Mark

Shotgun Mark is a powerful single-target damage multiplier that, according to its projectile splitting function, can also produce more hits. For uncommon and special foes, it also helps create Frenzy charges. Divergent Mark on Hit Support is automating the casting of Sniper's Mark at the tradeoff of a high trigger mana cost. Lifetap Assistance Sponsored skills have a life cost rather than a mana cost.



Cast while Support is damaged whenever you take damage, the main skill gem automatically activates. Molten Shell offers a powerful absorption shield for a brief time, dependent on your armor.


Blood Rage is a short-term enhancement that reduces your health by 4% per second while increasing attack speed, frenzy charges, and attack damage leech. Phantasmal Ancestral Protector summons a totem that increases your attack speed while it is nearby.



Gear and Crafting

However, some players might discover that the new abilities and artifacts, demand a considerable financial investment and may take some time to use fully and successfully. Here are some recommendations for gear and crafting for the PoE Build 3.21: Venom Gyre Deadeye.


Core Items

The tools listed below are essential to the build. To get the most out of the build, great care must be taken to ensure that all defensive and attacking criteria are reached.



The Helmet makes it simple to boost skill efficiency by a significant percentage. The Labyrinth enchant you require for this build is either Venom Gyre, which has a 25% chance to keep caught Projectiles shot by using Whirling Blades, or Berserk, which has a 30% greater Buff Effect for additional burst damage and speed.


Body Armor

Out of every item slot, body armor offers the most spell suppression. Rolling a Fractured tier, two is good to reduce the strain on other gear slots to reach the spell suppression cap.



These Kaom's Spirit gloves change the itemization of your build. They change the Life Regeneration stat into Anger Generation, which increases the Berserk buff's uptime.



You can achieve complete disease immunity using the 20% granted on the passive skill tree and a craft for 25% on body armor. To roll for any tier of spell suppression, purchasing a fragmented tier one Improved Life Regeneration Rate roll and utilizing Deafening Essence of Loathing in conjunction with Eldritch Exalted Orbs is advised.



It Alters how characters are listed. Favor Attributes now over Elemental Resistances or other Suffixes. To fit all of your auras, you must anoint Sovereignty.



Qualities or Resistances are abundant in rings. These stats can be changed on the belt. Triple Attribute suffix rings can be consistently produced by the Expedition vendor Rog. Non-Channeling Skills can be created. Complete the ring with -7 to Total Mana Cost and then add a Redeemer's Exalted Orb to it in the hopes of getting a good prefix.



The belt is a fantastic source of resistance or attributes. The Stygian Vise is the best platform to build on because it scales exceptionally well with the stats provided by the Seeking Eye Jewel and Murderous Eye Jewels.



Flasks offer a significant amount of protection and damage. Follow these combinations when rolling, using, and enchanting your flasks.

1. Diamond Flask

2. Granite Flask

3. Silver Flask

4. Dying Sun

5. Progenesis

Make your flasks magical by using instilling orbs.



Your offenses and defenses can both benefit from the Watcher's Eye. The Medium Cluster Jewel and Large Cluster Jewel provide more gem sockets for your Medium Cluster Jewel and rare jewels, as well as usefulness and damage. The Frenzy Charge is next to the Brutal Restraint in the Ranger jewel socket. A fantastic approach to increase damage, life, and any other resistances you would need to cap is with rare jewels.



Final Thoughts

The PoE Build 3.21: Venom Gyre Deadeye is a highly effective and versatile build that uses Venom Gyre skill to deal with massive chaos and poison damage. With the right gear, skill gems, and passive tree, this build can clear maps quickly and efficiently while also being able to handle tough endgame content.


If you're looking for a build that can clear maps quickly and efficiently while also being able to handle tough endgame content, then this build is worth trying out. The update demonstrates the game's commitment to bringing gamers new and exciting content, and it is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.



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