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PoE 3.25: Settlers of Kalguur Teasers Compilations

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Path of Exile 3.25 league is named Settlers of Kalguur, which will be launched on July 26. Let's take an early look at the collection of trailers to see what changes and gameplay will be featured in the next league.


 PoE 3.25 teaser 1


1. In Path of Exile 3.25: Settlers of Kalguur, GGG shipping a bunch of quality-of-life improvements. For example, Reservation effects, such as Heralds and Auras, persist through death, allowing you to get right back into combat as fast as possible.

2. GGG has a tiny improvement in quality of life. You can start Harvest encounters with a single action In the Settlers of Kalguur update.

3. GGG is bringing back a few improvements from Path of Exile 2 to the 3.25 league. In 3.25, you'll no longer need to interact with waypoints to unlock them. You can just walk by, and they'll activate automatically.

4. In the Settlers update, GGG has reworked item quality. When enhancing non-unique items with Chisels, Blacksmith's Whetstones, and Armourer's Scraps, the item's rarity is no longer a factor. The quality boost provided by these tools is now determined by the item's level. Very low-level gear receives a 20% quality increase from these currencies, which diminishes as the item's level rises. This makes them much more appealing to use early in the game.

How Chisels will work:

* White Maps: 20% Quality per Chisel

* Yellow Maps: 10% Quality per Chisel

* Red Maps and above: 5% Quality per Chise

5. GGG has got more news about item quality today. Quality bonuses on armour and weapons are now multiplicative. In other words, weapons with full quality will give 20% more physical damage, and armour with full quality will have 20% more local defences.

6. GGG has got more improvements coming in hot from Path of Exile 2. GGG is adding static life bars to bosses. Not all bosses will have them initially, but they start with the pinnacle bosses and act as bosses in 3.25.

7. In the Settlers update, the exile's arms have gotten a little longer. We have increased the range you can pick up items when using a Keyboard & Mouse to be more on par with controller users. Here's a comparison:

 PoE 3.25 teaser compare


8. In the Settlers update, you might come across a new oil found only in blighted and blight-ravaged maps.

poe 3.25 teaser 8-1 

All the secret notables that can be anointed on your amulet now use this oil. We have added many more notables to that pool, like this one:

poe 3.25 teaser 8-2 

Or this one:

poe 3.25 teaser 8-3

9. In 3.25, GGG is adding a sixth Map Device slot. The fifth and sixth Map Device slots are unlocked by completing either your first ten-way encounter with the Maven or completing your first tier 17 map.

10. In 3.25, GGG changes the bandit quest reward in Act 2. If you choose to help Oak, he will grant you +40 to Maximum Life. Helping Alira grants you 15% to all Elemental Resistances, and helping Kraityn gives you 8% Increased Movement Speed. If you choose to kill all three, Eramir will give you one passive skill point. GGG has also changed the Through Sacred Ground quest in Act 2 to provide an additional passive skill point, so you can still get the same total number of skill points as before.

11. In the Settlers update, GGG has removed the first 15 waves from the Simulacrum. Usually, characters reaching this content were at a high enough level that the first waves were tedious and unrewarding. Simulacrums should now run a lot faster. On top of this, they have added more opportunities to get specific unique items, like Voices, by defeating the bosses as you complete waves.

12. In the Settlers of Kalguur update, you can hover or select a map at any time on your atlas to see which divination cards can drop there.

Settlers of Kalguur Teasers 12


Based on the official trailers released, the Path of Exile 3.25 season is very much anticipated. Please stay tuned on MmoGah to get more news about PoE 3.25. We will share the newest gaming changes and powerful builds with exiles.

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