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PoE 3.24: All You Want to Know about the Necropolis

By Nancy G2024-03-22

"Cold flesh, dirt, maggots, and ghosts. Our job is to keep them where they belong. It's your first night, so you'll need this—a ghostly lantern for ghastly tinkering. You'll learn to peer into the souls of the dead. You'll learn how to twist them. Meet me in the Necropolis. You can pilfer shiny things from a corpse. But you can pilfer glorious things from a soul. I need a grave digger. The job's hard, but the pay's good. What do you say?"


Path of Exile 3.24: Necropolis introduces a new challenge league that promises to immerse players in the haunting remnants of the Eternal Empire. The Necropolis League is set to launch on March 29th, 2024, and brings a host of new content, gameplay mechanics, and quality-of-life improvements.


 3.24 Necropolis news


Introduction to Necropolis League

The Necropolis league in Path of Exile 3.24 introduces players to a dark and mysterious new challenge. In this league, you will encounter Undertaker Arimor, a character collecting the scattered spirits of the Eternal Empire for an enigmatic purpose. These spirits have started to haunt the monsters of Wraeclast, releasing their ancient fury and sorrow onto the world.


Key Features of Necropolis League

● Lantern of Arimor: Undertaker Arimor bestows upon you the Lantern of Arimor, a powerful family heirloom that reveals the spirits haunting monsters throughout Wraeclast. This lantern allows you to manipulate these spirits, deciding which monsters they will haunt.

● New Skill Gems: The league introduces new skill gems, providing fresh gameplay opportunities and build diversity.

New Unique Items: Expect to find new unique items that will open up novel ways to play and enhance your character's abilities.

● League Starters: The league offers a fresh start in a new economy, encouraging players to join and complete challenges to demonstrate their mastery of Path of Exile.


Gameplay Changes and Quality of Life Improvements

● Atlas Changes: The league features significant changes to the Atlas, including the removal of Sextants and a complete rework of Scarabs. The Atlas is no longer tied to the Crimson Prison, allowing you to farm any map with the new Divination Scarab.

● Crafting and In-Map League Mechanic: Players can now apply quantity and rarity modifiers to mobs inside their maps, enhancing the loot experience.

● New T17 Maps and Uber Bosses: With the introduction of new T17 maps, players will face new Uber bosses. These maps are unmodifiable, presenting a unique challenge.

● Random League Mechanics in Acts: Random league mechanics will now appear in acts, adding variety to the leveling experience.


The Necropolis Challenge League

The Necropolis Challenge League is a great opportunity for players to start anew. All previous characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but the new league offers a chance to complete challenges and earn unique rewards.



The Necropolis league in PoE 3.24 is shaping up to be an enthralling experience for new and veteran players. With a host of new content, gameplay changes, and quality-of-life improvements, there's plenty to explore and master. Whether you're interested in the lore, the new mechanics, or the challenge of conquering the uber bosses, Necropolis promises to deliver an engaging and rewarding adventure.


By the way, Path of Exile 2 will go into Alpha testing later this year. For more detailed information, you can explore the official announcements, patch notes, and community resources that delve deeper into the specifics of the Necropolis league. Happy hunting, Exile!

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