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PoE 3.22 Events November 2023

By Nancy G2023-10-26

Dear exiles, three PoE events will be running this November, with the first starting next Friday (US Time)! All events will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox. Many prizes are up for grabs, including Mystery Boxes, randomly drawn microtransactions, and exclusive hideout statues. Welcome to join in!


When planning these events, GGG tried to keep in mind the interests of different types of players. Some of you enjoy making interesting builds, some prefer facing extra challenges, while some want to test themselves in the heat of battle. The events don't overlap, so that you can play more than one.


For achieving Level 50 in any two events, each account will be rewarded with two guaranteed Ancestor Mystery Boxes. This means two guaranteed mystery boxes can be obtained across all three events.


The events also have a huge pool of microtransaction prizes randomly drawn for characters that reach certain thresholds. This pool of prizes is shared between PC and Console players, with each event having its prize pool. Owning multiple characters will enhance your likelihood of winning a prize through random drawing.


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1. November 3 – Krangled Passives

The Passive Skill Tree and all Ascendancy Trees have been rearranged. Minor passive skills, notables, keystones, minor ascendancy skills, and major ascendancy skills have been randomly shuffled within their respective categories. Every player shares the same skill trees. The Scion class is not accessible in this event.


You can only see properties of passive or Ascendancy skills adjacent to the ones you have allocated.


● Date: 2pm November 3rd PDT - 2pm November 10th PST

● Based on: Ancestor League

● Not voided - characters and items will migrate into the Ancestor League afterward. The passive tree will be respecced upon migrating.

● You lose 5x experience upon death.

● Platforms: PC and Consoles



2. November 10 – Blast from the Past

Unleash the potential of the ancient Sentinels and delve into the enigmatic Lake of Kalandra! The Blast from the Past event presents a chance to revisit or discover various Path of Exile leagues from the past for the first time.


During this event, nearly all areas in Path of Exile feature both Sentinel and Kalandra mechanics. This event is non-voided, so enjoy experimenting with Recombinators!


● Date: 2pm November 10th PST - 2pm November 17th PST

● Based on: Standard

● Not voided - characters and items will migrate into Standard afterward.

● You lose 5x experience upon death.

● Platforms: PC and Consoles



3. November 17 – Shifting Stones

Have you ever desired to be overtaken by 10 Tormented Spirits while traversing the Mud Flats? If so, the Shifting Stones event is your chance! Throughout each area, you'll come across one of the following league mechanics, which have been amplified by corresponding Atlas Keystones:


● 10 Tormented Spirits + Speaker of the Dead Keystone

● Blight + Cassia's Pride Keystone

● Legion + Timeless Conflict Keystone

● Delirium + Unending Nightmare Keystone

● Beyond + Endless Tide Keystone


The mod that an area has will change every 15 minutes.


● Date: 2pm November 17th PST - 2pm November 24th PST

● Based on: Standard

● Voided - Items and characters do not transfer to parent leagues at the end of the event.

● You lose 5x experience upon death.

● Platforms: PC and Consoles



Final Thoughts

These three events in November are very exciting. You can visit the PoE official website for more details about prizes and FaQ. I hope you will have fun at these events!

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