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PoE 3.20 Events: Ruthless with Gold and Some SSF Events

Path of Exile 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum league will extend until April 4. And within this month, GGG launches some events to enhance enjoyment. These events include a four-week event, "Ruthless with Gold," and some SSF events. Now let's see the detail.


Ruthless with Gold events


Ruthless with Gold

Ruthless with Gold is a four-week event, starting from March 8 PST to April 4 PDT. As all exiles know, GGG has eschewed a gold coin system in favour of Currency Items that are used for crafting. With a decade and a half of hindsight, the currency item system turned out to be a great decision, but exiles have often wondered what Path of Exile would have been like if they had used gold coins. The Ruthless with Gold event is a way to try this out.


PoE Ruthless Gold Coins are a new gold currency in the coming "Ruthless with Gold" event. PoE Gold Coins can be used to buy PoE currency and items from vendors. There are some ways to get gold coins, such as dropped from monsters and chests. Exiles can also receive gold coins rather than currency shards when they sell items to vendors.


MmoGah has added the service of PoE Gold Coins to meet exiles' needs. If you want to save time on crafting PoE Gold Coins, you can come to MmoGah, a professional PoE team where you can buy safe and cheap gold coins.


in ruthless with gold


Now I will share the detail of the prize with you. Every account that reaches level 45 in Ruthless with Gold earns a guaranteed Sanctum Mystery Box. Note that having multiple characters in this event won't give you more Mystery Boxes.


The event also has a microtransaction reward pool, where rewards are drawn randomly for characters who reach a certain level threshold. The available prize pool is shared between PC and console players. Having multiple characters will increase your chances of winning randomly drawn prizes.



Weeks 2-4: Asynchronous Group SSF Events

Week 2: Friendly Fire Group SSF Event

Week 3: Krangled Passives Group SSF Event

Week 4: "Polarity" Group SSF Event



Here is the end of these events. You can come to the PoE official site to see more detail about the 3.20 end-of-league events. We look forward to seeing the events unfold on March 8 and the 3.21 league in early April.

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