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PoE 3.20 Builds: Top 5 Meta Builds

By Nancy G2023-02-10

Dear exiles, today I want to share the top 5 meta PoE builds with you. And you can also watch KobeBlackMamba's video for more detail.


Top 5 poe Meta Builds pic



● We are at the point in the league where the meta will not have any more major shifts.

● has been completely flooded with level 100 characters due to the limitations of the APl.

● My poor character is not on even though it is level 100.



No.5 Build - Venom Gyre

Venom Gyre has fallen off as one of the top 5 builds due to most people switching off it to Tornado Shot.

● This build is still completely dominated by 89% Deadeye with 7% on Berserker for the Strength Stacking Variant.

● 40% of players are using Kaom's Spirit for the Perma Berserk Variant, which grants additional survivability.

● This build is not the best for the Sanctum league for a lot of players are used to name-locking monsters.



No.4 Build - Wand Loop

● Ward Loop is a build that refuses to die even with the removal of Survival Secrets.

● This build's concept revolves around dealing physical damage to yourself when a minion dies, meaning the build is squishy since you cannot have Armour.

● However, the build has near-infinite regen, so you will only die to one shot.

● This build uses Omniscience and Annihilating Light for its damage.

● It uses Gloves, Helmet Boots, and Olroth's Resolve to grant the Ward needed so you do not die from the physical damage.

● This build has taken over as the de-facto Auto-bomber playstyle, and it is capable of easily doing Sanctums even with bad visual clarity.


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No.3 Build - Tornado Shot

● Tornado Shot is a build that has risen in popularity due to its infinite scalability and Sanctum performance.

● 94% are Deadeye since the Ascendancy provides too much benefit with improved Tailwind, 2 Additional Projectiles, Chain, Far Shot, and Improved Marks.

● Tornado Shot is also home to the most popular MF setup, as everyone not using Omniscience is running Goldwyrm, Divination Distillate, and Ventor's Gamble.

● Black Sun Crest is still the helmet of choice at 43%, but Heatshiver has crept up to 11%.

● Most players are playing the Cold Conversion Variant, mainly because it scales much harder than Trinity.

● There is also a once-in-a-lifetime bow that has been mirrored 100s of times.



No.2 Build - Righteous Fire / Fire Trap

● Righteous Fire is the brainchild of Pohx, and the genius decided to take the skill on another path (Ascendancy).

● In Kalandra, everyone was mostly Inquisitor and used Aegis Aurora.

● In Sanctum, 86% of players are Juggernaut and using Saffel's Frame since Juggernaut grants so much physical damage reduction.

● Legacy of Fury and Oriath's End is used for clear speed.

● Immortal Flesh is used on Juggernaut to make up for the life regen loss.

● 10% of players are Inquisitors, and 4% are Elementalists.



No.1 Build - Spark

● Spark has been the biggest surprise of Sanctum.

● It most likely played because it is a super well-rounded build that is strong in Sanctum.

● 55% of people are using Nimi's, which effectively doubles the Spark Duration and damage.

● 40% of players are playing Occultist and doing a poison variant.

● The other half of the players are Inquisitors and playing an Aura Stacker Variant with Call of the Brotherhood, Aegis Aurora, and Melding of the Flesh.



Final Thoughts

● needs to account for more than just the top 15K Players to get a more accurate snapshot of the meta.

● The meta is nearly identical to the last league, except Lightning Strike has been wiped off the face of Wraeclast.

● However, this league has led to the discovery of a lot of new, popular builds: Hexblast Mines, Summon Raging Spirits Poison, Impending Doom, and Original Sin Variants of Popular Builds.

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