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  • PoE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra: Top 5 Ascendancies and Builds
    By Nancy G2022-09-21 00:00:00

    Welcome to today's article, where we are going to go over the top five ascendancies and builds in PoE for the Kalandra league.


    Top 5 Ascendancies and Builds cover


    5. Elementalist (9%)

    ● Elementalist returns into the Top 5.

    ● It has 3 Main Builds: Lightning Conduit, Explosive Arrow, and Ignite Vortex.

    ● 5% of exiles are playing Ward Loop with Volatile Dead.

    ● 4% of people are playing Maw of Mischief ignite.

    ● Elementalist is a very Diverse Ascendancy with many extremely strong builds capable of bossing.


    top 5 ascendancy elementalist


    4. Deadeye (10%)

    ● Deadeye is so good, and I have 2 Deadeyes in this league.

    ● It has three main builds: Tornado Shot, Venom Gyre, and Kinetic Blast.

    ● All builds revolve around benefitting from Projectile Chaining and Additional Projectiles.

    ● A small percentage of players are playing Lightning Arrow and CoC Ice Spear with Tornado Shot.

    ● Home of the Magic Finders.


    top 5 ascendancy deadeye


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    3. Ascendant (10%)

    ● I am surprised to see Ascendant is in the Top 3.

    ● It has 2 Main Builds: Ward Loop and Aura Bot.

    ● Wide variety of builds able to be played on Ascendant, ranging from Dex Stacking Venom Gyre to CB/KF to Int Stacker.

    ● I was shocked to see so many people still playing Ward Loop after huge damage nerf.


    top 5 ascendancy ascendant


    2. Occultist (14%)

    ● The Cold and Chaos Ascendancy dominates due to the popularity of CoC and BV.

    ● It has the top 3 Builds: CoC FR, Cold/Poison BV, and Caustic Arrow Death's Oath.

    ● Lots of players are also playing Poison Phantasmal Spark and CoC Ice Spear.

    ● Occultist Chaos Builds always have great clear due to Profane Bloom.


    top 5 ascendancy occultist


    1. Inquisitor (17%)

    ● Who else would be number 1?

    ● Completely Dominated by Righteous Fire/ Fire Trap at 54%

    ● Top 3 Builds: RF, Eye of Winter Miner, CoC Ice Spear

    ● Inquisitor is a very diverse Ascendancy with a wide variety of builds due to it being OP.

    ● Regen with Pious Path is completely game-changing, allowing many spell builds to run RF for a more damage multiplier.

    ● The Rich Person Ascendancy: 56% of Players own an Aegis Aurora.


    top 5 ascendancy Inquisitor


    Final Thoughts

    ● I Surprising to see Champion not in the Top 5 due to the popularity of Champion Lightning Strike.

    ● The trickster is in a distant 8th due to the Ascendancy not offering enough offensive power.

    ● Necromancer is in 10th place, with Summon Carrion Golem and SRS being the most popular minion skills.

    ● Berserker is out of sight with 3% representation, with Venom Gyre being more popular than Lightning Strike.



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