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PoE 3.17 Guide: Herald of Thunder Auto-Bomber

By Nancy G2022-02-18

Dear exiles, your old friend Fyre presented the Herald of Thunder Auto-Bomber Guide a few days ago. And today the best PoE Shop MmoGah will summarize this guide to you.


poe 3.17 Herald of Thunder Auto-Bomber guide



- Don't have to press buttons

- S+ Tier Altar Farmer

- Very Fast

- High automation/utility

- Defensive by caster standards

- Can farm Guardians/Pinnacle Bosses moderately well

- All non-Uber content viable

- Can do all map mods




- Uninteractive/Walking Simulator

- Relies on Explode for AoE/Weak for Delirium

- Can't scale Armor/Evasion for mitigation

- Expensive/Relies on Mageblood

- Struggles to scale DPS to tens of millions

- Can't do Uber content



Mechanical Overview


1. Storm Secrets + Lone Messenger + Annihilating Light

- It grants a 12x damage multiplier to Herald of Thunder.

- It causes a lot of self-damage and can be used for CWDT loops.

- It requires constant shocking to keep HoT active.


2. Inpulsa's Broken Heart + Shock Proliferation + CWDT Loops

- Everything explodes upon death.

- CWDT CL/BV generates shocks. Shocks are proliferated and trigger HoT, which in turn causes self-damage, re-triggering CWDT skills to form a loop.

- Everything on your screen explodes due to being near you without casting skills.

- Shock Proliferation comes from Exarch Implicit on Gloves.


3. CWDT Blade Vortex + Crackling Lance

- Blade Vortex is always active, generating multiple shocks per second, allowing you to overcome 90% avoid elemental ailment map mods.

- Blade Vortex also constantly shocks as an extra safety measure vs. packs that come too close while you are looting/reading.

- Crackling Lance applies a large number of shocks all at once, effective for shocking targets out of range of Herald of Thunder so that distant enemies that die to explosions will also explode, increasing your effective AoE.

- It activates your HoT/CWDT Loops vs. ranged targets that attack you while your loop is inactive.


4. CWDT Immortal Call/Inc Duration + Enduring Composure

- Self-damage constantly triggers Enduring Composure for high 4x Endurance Charge uptime.

- Immortal Call is constantly triggered at almost 2s duration for moderately high uptime on damage mitigation.


5. Lvl 7 CWDT + Level 9 Curses + Inspiration

- It keeps self-damage low vs. single targets.

- It allows Energy Shield Leech + Regen to keep your ES pool up despite high mana costs from CWDT loops and self-damage.


6. Elemental Overload + Lucky Non-Crit Damage + Self Fulfilling Prophecy

- Self Fulfilling Prophecy gives HoT Base Crit.

- Disciple of Forbidden Annoint allows high uptime of 3 Power Charges while clearing.

- 3 Power Charges allows HoT to crit on average once every 3 seconds (roughly).

- PCOC Support allows BV/Crackling Lance to refresh power charge uptime.

- HoT crits are enough to trigger Elemental Overload with high uptime.

- Sometimes, you get unlucky, and Elemental Overload won't proc for a bit, can't help it, don't focus on it. Brittle Ground helps if you really want it.

- Lucky Non-Crit Damage via Mastery grants approximately 30% more damage.


7. Increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments

- It grants 42-44% More Damage via Shock when scaled up.

- It allows you to scale Inpulsa explosion damage.

- Level 20 Shock Nova will bump Shock up to 50% vs. Bosses.


8. Unused CWDT Tech

- Cold Snap for Frenzy Charges for Phase Run uptime.

- Purifying Flame to generate consecrated ground for higher Life regen.

- Culling Strike Support for the cull.

- Wave of Conviction for applying exposure when you don't have a level 5 awakened lightning pen.

- Inc Duration for Blade Vortex + Immortal Call uptime.



PoB (Ascendancies)

poe 3.17 guide Herald of Thunder Auto-Bomber pob ascendancy 



PoB (Overview)

You can watch the full skill tree at 14:35.




You can watch the full gems setting at 17:07.



Defence Overview


1. Eldritch Battery + Mind Over Matter + Corrupted Soul

- It allows you to scale Life as Energy Shield.

- It allows you to utilize Energy Shield as eHP and mana.

- Not investing in mana regen/reservation efficiency allows for more room to invest in more important stats.

- It allows you to utilize Replica Blood Sacrifice for recovery while clearing.


2. Level 22 Chaos Golem with 300% Inc Chaos Golem Buff Effect

- Empower 3 to get to Level 22 for 5% Phys reduction from 4%.

- 20% from Anomalous Chaos Golem.

- 80% Golem Buff Effect from the tree.

- 100% Golem Buff Effect from Ascendancy.

- 100% Chaos Golem Buff Effect from Helm Enchant.

- It totals 20% Physical Damage Reduction.

- It combines with Endurance Charges for 36% Damage Reduction.


3. Mageblood Flasks

- 39% Elemental Damage Reduction.

- It loads of Resistances to make up for reduced resistances.


4. Recovery

- Elemental Damage Leeched as Life via Eater Implicit on Gloves.

- Damaged Leech as ES via Energy Leech Support.

- 30% Life Recoup via Tree + Annoint.

- Life Regen via Stone Golem + Purifying Flame Consecrated Ground (optional).

- Life Regen via Crafted Flask Suffix (Unveil Cinderswallow Urns).

- Energy Shield Regen via Mastery.

- 1% Life/ES recovery via Replica Blood Sacrifice.

- It provides recovery while clearing and vs. bosses and additionally enables recovery against all types of map mods.


5. Enfeeble + Malediction

- I'm using Forbidden Flesh/Flame to access Malediction + Enfeeble.

- This allowed me to level to 95 while running juiced 100+ quant corrupted T16s.

- It is not needed. Don't invest unless you want to play this build long term.

- I leveled to 94 without this.

- Enfeeble Curse effect from Exarch Implicit on Helm.


6. Physical Damage Taken as X

- Eater of Worlds Implicit (T1 = 6%).

- Crafted Prefix from Korell's Veiled items (6% for 1 Divine Orb, 8% for 1 Exalted Orb).


7. Sapped Ground

- Exarch Implicit grants 6% Sapped Ground.

- It is only useful for bosses, really, and requires running around/over them.

- It can be swapped for Brittle Ground.



Here is the end of this guide. Welcome to to see more useful guides and builds for PoE. And we provide kinds of PoE items and orbs to exiles.




My Herald of Thunder Autobomber Guide for 3.17


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