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PoE 3.13 Builds: Barrage Deadeye – Tornado Shot Build

Dear exiles, the new league Ritual has been underway for a week, and many players have good responses. Today the professional PoE Shop will share RattoSexy's Deadeye build with you, which is very hot and useful for the Ritual league.


Barrage Deadeye Tornado Shot


Pros and Cons

+ Very cheap (less than 1 Exalted Orb is enough)

+ Great clear speed

+ Fast

+ You will not feel alone (thanks to mirage archers)

+ Very good life leech


- No reflect maps

- Can do no leech maps

- Squishy

- You will need to get used to dodging most of the stuff




- For bossing, we use the new mirage archer ascendancy on a barrage gem setup. I tried it, and it boosts our damage by a lot. If we want to be a lot more tanky, we can use the windward ascendency, losing damage but boosting our effective life pool by a lot!


- Since we are using point black and chin sol, we need to stay close to bosses to deal serious damage. This can be a risk, so you'll need some practice to evade most lethal attacks.


- We are running a Phys to cold conversion build with some cold gains, so the more cold gains we can get, the best the build gets!


- We are running Vaal pact to have no life regen, so we need to be always in the fight. Also, if we are running labyrinths, the ryslatha minor pantheon can be useful.




Kill them all. The 2 passives skills points are just too good.




Major: Lunaris, since we are an evasion/dodge build, the buffs that it grants are the best we can obtain.


Minor: Ryslsatha for the life flask regen, we are using Vaal pact, and having the life flask always up will save our ass a lot.




Ricochet -> Endless Munitions -> Gathering Winds -> Occupying Force/Wind Ward




The gear shown is only for the cheaper version of the build. Go to the POB to see the expensive one.



We'll use the chin sol, as it is very cheap and works well with point-blank.



Asphyxia's wrath costs almost nothing, and the gain of cold damage is just too good.



The Hrimsorrow are needed to convert our physical damage into cold damage.



Starkonja's is the way to go, cheap, gives many good stats, and is cheap.


Body Armour:

Either a 6L or a tabula rasa will be good if you can go for the 6L.


For rings, boots, amulet, and belt, try to get some decent rares with:

Life – resistances – cold damage – increased elemental damage.

(On boots, try to get at least 30% movement speed)



A life flask with immunity to bleed and instant recovery

A quicksilver flask with increased effect and immunity to freeze

A diamond flask with immunity to curses

A taste of hate

An atziri's promise




Tornado Shot

Tornado shot – Added Cold Damage – Hypothermia – chain support – Inspiration support – Elemental damage with attacks



Barrage – Added Cold Damage – Hypothermia – Mirage archer/Faster Attacks –Inspiration support – Elemental damage with attacks



Hatred – Herald of ice – Precision – Enlighten



Wave of conviction – sniper's mark-dash – second wind support




Freedom of movement is cheap and gives us the possibility to gain phasing.



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