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Players Interaction in Path of Exile Trading

By Leo Jiang2018-03-22

Path of Exile has made many changes over the years, but the important change that players have been waiting for all the time is the revise on the Trading System. Although it's functional, it's not the most seamless system in online gaming. Since PoE relies on the in-game economy and trading in playing, this is a topic of discussion and debate. Therefore, topics regarding the trading of PoE Items cannot be underestimated. Now there is a hot trading platform which is called Path of Exile Trade Macro. It is an Autohotkey (AHK) script that provides several convenient QoL features for PoE Trade.


It has become a topic of controversy recently as Grinding Gear Games has been implemented to the current trading system. An important change that developers have made is the players’ interaction in trading. Some players seem to have a problem with this as they don't think interacting with the other person that you want to have a business transaction with is essential for trading.

However, this is not the case. Grinding Gear Games wishes players interaction to be a thing in trading, but they hope to get rid of the automated trading tools that have been plaguing trading in PoE. As of now, about 25% of trades you can get into are actual players or human beings, and the rest trades are automated. Some people think that automated trading is a bad thing as it can easily flood the market and mess with the in-game economy.


The argument that no one haggles for a better price is also wrong since it's still a thing in Hardcore Leagues. With powerful PoE Currency being even more important in those leagues, every player would want to get a better price for what Path of Exile Items they have, and negotiation is indeed encouraged. Considering this, the case for no players interaction in trading starts to fall apart. The PoE serious players can confirm that.

Players interaction in trading seem to be necessary, and it's still a good thing since economy is a human phenomenon itself, even in an online game. Perhaps it is impossible for completely automating the trading system, but that would make it like an Auction House instead, which has its own set of procedures. Meanwhile, there are many sites like poe trade that offers this kind of service.


Having players carry out interaction in trading is still a good way to go due to the nature of trading and economy, especially in PoE. Sincerely hope all the players can enjoy the fun of trading in PoE. Moreover, if you are interested in more PoE News, please visit MmoGah also provides PoE Power Leveling services, and you can place orders here when you have such requirements.


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