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Path of Exile: Trade Site Improvements


Since the launch of our Trade website in November, Grinding Gear Games have been reading all of your feedback, comments, and suggestions in an attempt to improve the Trade site as much as possible. In today's news post, they'd like to take the opportunity to recap many of the changes that they've already made and reach out for more feedback on any further changes that you would like to see. Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with Path of Exile fans.


In patch 3.3.0d, they added two formatting options: Compact Mode and Compact Two-Columned. Compact Mode does what you would expect it does. It reduces the amount of screen space used to display the relevant information. This has improved readability for many players. Compact Two-Columned has the same formatting as Compact Mode, but displays results across 2 columns, further compacting the information displayed. They're particularly happy with these changes as this added a little bit of flexibility to players in how they display their search results.


They've also added the ability to filter items by their time listed. This allows players to see newly listed items first, or to look at items that have been listed for a while.


It is possible to see whether a mod is a prefix, suffix or a hybrid mod (combination of a prefix and suffix mod). This lets players accurately determine whether there are available mod slots remaining on their search results in order to make more informed decisions.



Another similar feature is the ability to search for items with open prefixes or suffixes; very handy for finding potential great deals.



A major improvement which they've made recently was to vastly improve the speed that live search results are returned. They have results returning at nearly real time!


In the Bulk Item Exchange, they have added the ability to set a Minimum Stock that a player must have listed before it returns in your search results. This allows players that want to buy in bulk to filter out listings which only have a few of a given currency available.


The final, most recent improvement that they're pleased with was added in 3.3.1b: web notifications for live searches, which navigate directly to the live search results when clicked, making it very easy to view any matches.



Looking ahead to the future, they have plans to add the ability to use freeform text to search for items by name. For example, you will be able to search "Chemist's Divine Life Flask of Staunching" and results will be returned based on name matches.


All of these improvements would not be possible without your frequent and very helpful feedback. They are very pleased with the community response to the Trade site and very much look forward to what the future may hold. Please continue to provide your feedback and suggestions as they're very much committed to making it the best that it can be.


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