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Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath Will Come Soon on August 4

By John Ryan2017-07-21

Action RPG Fall of Oriath for Path of Exile will be out on August 4. The expansion will include six acts and a whole lot of deicide. It will double the size of the current game and add a new Pantheon character customization system that lets players wield the power of the Gods themselves. Now the studio is putting the final touches on the new contents, and I believe fans will be able to play the expansion when it comes out on August 4.

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You’ll get godlike powers. The new Pantheon system lets players beat up gods to steal their mighty defensive powers. Here’s an idea, Grinding Gear: every time an object strikes you, it transmorphs into delicious fresh crusty baguette.

Grinding Gear Games gave us an early preview of The Fall of Oriath expansion for Path of Exile in February. The new expansion will introduce a new act that sending players back to the land they were exiled before. It is time for frank to make conversation with the ruling powers, I’m sure. The new expansion will bring Path of Exile to ten acts in total, with both new and familiar locations, some of them changed by the drastic results of your past actions. Which you will apparently carry on with, based on the announcement: “Explore frozen mountaintops, pristine temples and anarchic city streets”.


The free expansion brings in the fifth act of the game, which was initially planned as the final chapter. However, the developers create five more acts to continue the story so that Acts 1-5 will serve as Part 1 and Acts 6-10 will be Part 2. Unlike the first four acts of the game, Act 5 will take you to Oriath where you’ll have to fight more hordes of enemies in massive city squares and residential buildings. Part 2 of the story will take you back to the exile-filled island of Wraeclast, which is in a different state due to your actions on the island in Part 1. However, the old island will feature new content for you to explore.

Thanks to the death of the boss, the Fetid Pool of Act 1 in the original game has become a lush forest in Act 6. For instance, a previously locked door inside a prison is now passable. Battling gods for their powers sound intense, and of course you have the opportunity to get some payback from Oriath such as poe exalted orb, the incident that kicked off this whole grand adventure has some appeal too.


There are 24 new bosses can be killed in the expansion, 16 of which are called the Old Gods. You’ll meet and kill four of these gods in the main campaign, but your best interest is to kill all 16 gods. Killing each god grants you a new power, some of which have additional abilities. Each power helps out in different situations throughout your journey, and the fact is that you can swap powers at any time means you can become an unstoppable force due to the Old Gods.


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