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Path of Exile: The Boss Maven Guide - How to Kill The Maven

Path of Exile is ARPG that was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. The game is set in a dark fantasy world, where the player gets exiled from their island of Oriath to the continent of Wraeclast, which is a dark, wasted land.


You can choose to be one of the seven characters and take on the dangers of Wraeclast and fight your way back to Oriath by defeating evils and ancient gods.


One of the bosses you will encounter along your journey will be The Maven, an end-game boss you can find after obtaining "The Maven Writ" and opening it on the map device. You can obtain it by fighting bosses on the Mavens Crucible.


Follow this guide to fight The Maven:


How to Kill The Maven




The first step before fighting The Maven is preparation, as you need to ensure you are well equipped before the fight. Here we have listed some of the things that you should have before the fight: 


● Effective health should be over 6,000

● Maxed out elemental resistances 

● Have good movement skills like Dash

● Have some layered defense 

● High DPS (4m+)


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The Maven Phases 

As mentioned above, the Maven fight has multiple phases. The fight continuously switches between fighting The Maven and The Maven's Nucleus. When you bring The Mavens HP to zero and defeat her, the fight will switch to her nucleus, which unleashes a huge explosion that is so powerful that it can one-shot any build. 


Although The Maven's HP will top up every time, the nucleus will continue to take damage until it's completely destroyed. 



The Maven Attacks

After preparing and learning about the phases, you should know how and when The Maven attacks. She has many tricks up her sleeve. While some are easily dodged, some can be quite hard to tackle. Here we have listed the attacks you will face when fighting The Maven and her nucleus.


The Maven Attacks


Default Attack

This attack is very simple and easy to dodge as the Maven fires out a single pink beam in a straight line. You can dodge this with your evasion skills.



In this attack, the nucleus slowly shoots out small balls of energy that hover around the arena. Once they are scattered around in a great quantity, The Maven will shout 'Mine,' and all the energy balls will turn pink and follow the player and explode when in contact with the player. Since this attack is quite weak and dodge-able, you don't need to worry about it. 


Gravity Wells

The Mavens nucleus throws three orbs that hone in on you and have a tendency to explode upon contact leaving a pool behind that slows actions speed and deals damage-over-time, DoT. The best location to place the gravity wells is in the middle of the arena, as you would not stand there because of the nucleus phase and memory game.


Circle Slam

Before initiating the attack, The Maven highlights a spherical area in the arena and proceeds to discharge a powerful attack after a short delay. Circle slam deals around 8,741 to 13,111 damage making it really deadly, but on the bright side, this attack is really easy to dodge.


Tri-beam Claws 

The Maven shouts, "Stand Still," and proceeds to throw a pair of three beams that drag along the ground parallel to each other. This attack deals high consistent damage but can easily be dodged and be used in your favor as The Maven is standing still and is very susceptible to damage, making it a great time to slip in some damage.


Tri-beam Claws


Cascade of Pain Projectiles

In this attack, The Maven says, "A Cascade of Pain," and will advance to shoot numerous projectiles continually. This attack is considered one the deadliest as they deal around 3,722-5,583 cold damage and are really hard to dodge. You can avoid them by staying as far as possible from The Maven and using skills to dodge them.


Maven Nucleus Cannon

An easily dodgeable attack in which The Maven's Nucleus discharges a high-power canon which deals high damage but is easily noticeable due to the slow speed and purple glow in the effective area. Just avoid that area, and you will be fine.


Maven Super Fire Projectile

Before proceeding to attack, The Maven says, "take this," and fires a big projectile towards you. It moves in a straight line and can be dodged with minimal effort. It deals around 6,203-9,305 damage making it deadly if not tackled. 


Rotating Beams

During the nucleus phase, it spawns a pair of beams that rotate slowly around the arena. These beams result in a complete halt in regeneration and leech for the duration of 10 seconds. When the nucleus dies, five beams spawn and provide you with small gaps to walk, which constantly move. The beams are dangerous and cease regeneration and leech upon contact.


The Memory Game

At some intervals throughout the fight, the Maven says, "Death will not be an escape," which indicates that she has started the memory game. The memory game starts by dividing the arena into three sections. The Maven lights up each section for a brief amount of time and is required to repeat the pattern in the same order. Failure to do so will result in an explosion dealing with about 4,2571-63,857 damage.


The Final Phase

When this phase arrives, the nucleus will be dead in the middle of the arena and throwing five beams which will halt regeneration and leech upon contact. This phase is fairly easy, and the key to winning is to stay close to The Maven and kill her as quickly as possible.



Final Note

Fighting The Maven is one of the hardest tasks in Path of Exile, but you don't need to worry about that as you have this step-by-step guide on how to defeat The Maven. This short guide sums up all you need to know about How to Kill Maven. Just follow the instructions and be the victor.


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