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Path of Exile Guide: How to Get the Mirror of Kalandra

The Mirror of Kalandra is undoubtedly one of the most expensive items in Path of Exile, and as of the writing of this article, one mirror costs around 745 Exalted Orbs. Although you can simply bypass the farming process altogether and buy this PoE currency directly from vendors, it defeats the sole purpose of the game. Therefore, we PoE lovers at MmoGah have put together a guide to help you farm for the most coveted item and help you discover the thrill of discovering a Mirror of Kalandra among the loot.



How to Get the Mirror of Kalandra cover



The Reason Why Mirror of Kalandra Is So Valuable

  • A Mirror of Kalandra is the most valuable and rare currency in the game.
  • In other words, it makes a mirror copy of an equipable item that isn't unique.
  • There is a very, very low drop-off rate.
  • The Mirror can only be used once, like other PoE currency items.



Get Mirror from Random Drops

The Mirror of Kalandra gets added to the loot drops once you hit level 35. It can drop from enemies, chests, and even strongboxes, but the chances are pretty low since you'll have to run about 500,000 maps for a single Mirror.



Mirror Shards

Mirror Shards are a type of cash that may be used to craft a Mirror of Kalandra if you discover 20 of them. These shards are very valuable on their own, and they can only be obtained from Harbingers or regions impacted by the Harbinger alteration, such as Harbinger modes in the Azurite Mine, or by encountering them on a Zana mission.


This makes them extremely tough to farm, but because many people stumble across this shard just by playing the game, it's a good idea to buy a few at a time and gradually save enough to buy a Mirror of Kalandra.



Divination Cards

Getting a Mirror of Kalandra from a regular drop is very rare. However, you can increase your chances by farming divination cards instead, which slightly tips the scales in your favor.


1. House of Mirrors - Collect 9 House of Mirrors to obtain a Mirror of Kalandra. This Div card may only be obtained in The Alluring Abyss, a level 80 region containing the monster Atziri, Queen of the Vaal. It's a pricey region to visit, and the drop probability for the House of Mirrors is exceedingly low, so it'll be a long, painful, and expensive grind just to acquire a Mirror from this card.


The Div card can also be obtained from other sources, such as strongboxes containing Div cards or other Div cards that provide you with a random Div card.


2. Emperor's Luck - Collect 5 to receive 5x a randomly selected money. These cards are not very pricey, but take in mind that they, like all other drops, have a weighted drop. This implies you have a 1,000% chance of acquiring an Exalted Orb rather than a Mirror. Getting 5 x Exalted Orbs from this card is also incredibly unusual!


This Divination card can appear in the Courtyard, Orchard, Terrace, The High Gardens, and The Imperial Gardens maps. It's a rather regular drop, and you won't have to run many maps to get a complete stack of five of them.


3. The Void - Trade for a Divination Card of your choice. The prizes, like the Emperor's Luck, are weighted such that you get the majority of the common card rewards, so it's incredibly rare that you'll acquire a Mirror of Kalandra from this - but it's conceivable if you're really lucky!



How to Increase the Drop Rates for Mirror of Kalandra?


How to Get the Mirror of Kalandra picture


You can boost your chances of getting powerful equipment and unique PoE Items with specific statistics such as increased Rarity of items Found and increased quantity of items Found. Rarity and quantity stats could come from your equipment, monster rarity, Atlas passives, party bonuses, and map modifiers.


Note that stats on the character stack additively with each other, and they are subject to diminishing returns. However, the stats from the monsters and the party bonus stack additively with each other, and they are not subject to diminishing returns. Here are a few ways you can increase the drop rates of the Mirror of Kalandra:


1. Increase item quantity in maps - Cartographer's Chisel is yet another currency item that is used to improve the quality of a map. Just like the following image shown, the 20% quality has added a 20% item quantity.


2. Increasing drop rates with map fragments:


Map fragments

increased quantity of items found


Sacrifice at Dusk


Vaal fragments


Sacrifice at Dawn


Sacrifice at Noon


Sacrifice at Midnight


Mortal Grief


Advanced Vaal fragments

Mortal Hope


Mortal Ignorance


Mortal Rage


Volkuur's Key


Prophecy fragments

Eber's Key


Yriel's Key


Inya's Key


Fragment of the Hydra


Shaper fragments

Fragment of the Phoenix


Fragment of the Minotaur


Fragment of the Chimera


Fragment of Purification


Elder fragments

Fragment of Constriction


Fragment of Eradication


Fragment of Enslavement


Fragment of Knowledge


Uber Elder fragments

Fragment of Shape


Fragment of Emptiness


Fragment of Terror



3. Increasing drop rates with map fragments:





Eyes of the Greatwolf


(6-10)% increased quantity of items found.

The Ascetic


With a Magic Item equipped, there is a (10-15)% increased quantity of items found.

Bisco's Collar


Grants (35-50)% increased the quantity of items dropped from dead normal enemies.

Perandus Blazon


(6-8)% increased quantity of items found.

Bisco's Leash


5% increased quantity of items found.

Greed's Embrace

Body Armor

(10-15)% increased quantity of items found.



(14-20)% increased quantity of items found.



(10-16)% increased quantity of items found when health is below 50%.

Divination Distillate


Flask effects also (12-18)% increase the quantity of items found.

Sadima's Touch


(5-10)% increased quantity of items found.

Thief's Torment


(10-16)% increased quantity of items found.

Ventor's Gamble


(10-10)% increased quantity of items found.

The Pariah


15% increased Item quantity per White Socket.

Sentari's Answer


(4-8)% increased quantity of items found.



Frozen dead enemies have 15% increased quantity of item drops.




Parting Thoughts

People have spent years without getting a single Mirror of Kalandra, so you should consider yourself lucky if the most expensive currency in PoE drops in the first 5-10 thousand runs. We suggest you go about as usual and simply hope the Mirror drops in any random farming sessions. It's best not to focus solely on the Mirror of Kalandra because the chances of you getting one are extremely rare. Hopefully, you've found this guide helpful, and stay tuned for more PoE-related tips from mmogah.com.

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