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Path of Exile Eldritch Implicits Guide

In one of our previous posts, we discussed Eldritch Crafting, where we discussed how to craft high-tiered uninfluenced gear pieces. One of the critical components of this type of crafting is Eldritch Implicits, which play a vital role in this mode of crafting. This mode was introduced in the Siege of Atlas update and allowed users to create one of the game's most unique and powerful items.


Eldritch Implicits guide pic


So let's start our article and learn how these modifiers benefit a regular player to enhance their end-game experience to earn more PoE currency to do it all over again.



What are Eldritch Implicit Modifiers?

When we are talking about Eldritch implicit modifiers, we typically mean the following:


● Modifiers acquired by the Eater of Worlds or Searing Exarch implicit modifiers

● They are not Eldritch prefixes influenced by Elder, which means the gear with implicit modifiers won't be considered influenced.

● Implicit modifiers typically appear on most gear.

● Those items or gear influenced by Shaper, Elder, or other influences, such as Conqueror, cannot obtain these Eldritch Implicit modifiers.

● These modifiers will replace existing modifiers such as Atlas, Ritual, Ritual, or even heist, so we don't recommend making this mistake.

● So, apply them to non-influenced items such as Grasping Mail or Fractured items.

● They also fall under the same category division as other modifiers, such as T1-T6 Eater and Exarch mods.

● The six tiers start from Lesser, Greater, and Grand and finish with Exceptional, Exquisite, and Perfect.

● An item can have one or more of these modifiers.


There are different power tiers for every modifier. Your crafting cannot reach the top two levels by using Orb of Conflict, whereas the initial four tiers are derived from the four variations of Eldritch Ember and Ichor money goods.


These tiers can be easily manipulated with the help of Orb of Conflict currency and applied randomly to the modifiers' levels. Randomization can be mitigated with one of the newer currencies, such as the Eldritch chaos, exalted orbs, or the Orb of annulment. So the most optimum outcome is getting Tier 4 and 6 modifiers simultaneously. You may need to apply them again and again, to finally get what you want, such as what you can see here.


dragon crown 2


Some Examples of Eldritch Implicit Modifiers

Grinding Gear Games have added many QoL features with each iteration or patch. With Siege of Atlas, they made sure early-game players could access these modifiers according to their levels and benefit immensely. Their primary purpose was to allow adding modifiers onto already great gear, so you don't have to farm for unique and bring monotony to end-game builds. Let's take a look at some easy-to-understand examples.


Brimstone Mitts

The example in the image below shows a single Eldritch implicit modifier where your character gains Rage on hit every 0.6 seconds. The mitts already have a good value set on different attributes, and this implicit modifier is the cherry on top.


brimstone mitts 3


Storm Shelter

In this case, the item shows two implicit modifiers adding fire damage and enemies' Life Regen block around the player Exile.


storm shelter 4


So there are two ways you can add these modifiers. Well, actually, there is only one way, through Vaal Corruption. The first modifier can come built-in with the item.


As we said earlier, typically, if you apply an implicit mod, the previous one is replaced, but not in the case of the following.


One Eldritch Implicit modifier from The Searing Exarch and another from Eater of Worlds may be present in a single item. Rage Fingers Gripped Gloves have the Eldritch Implicit Mod: 10% PHY DMG converted to chaos DMG, 11%  DMG here is over time modifier.


Item Filtering

You can use the following filters to find modifier-influenced items:

● Has Searing Exarch Implicit from Tier 1 to 6

● Has Eater Of Worlds Implicit from Tier 1 to 6


Using Blessed Orbs

A Blessed Orb re-rolling an object's implicit modification. It is inapplicable to objects with no implicit mods or objects whose implicit modifiers lack a value range. Since you can sometimes manipulate corrupted objects in any manner, you cannot utilize them to change implicit mods on those items. Blessed Orbs are primarily used to improve expensive gear rather than gear used for leveling due to their scarcity and minimal effect.


Unlike the actual object, Blessed Orbs never roll the same value that high. On aggregate, your chances of rolling a high implicit value are better if the present implicit quality is zero—also the opposite.


For instance, you may have a 20% probability of rolling 13% Chaos RES when putting a Blessed Orb on an Amethyst ring with 9% Chaos RES. However, since your craft cannot roll 9%, you genuinely have a 25% chance of encountering 13% RES.


Conditional Variations of Eldritch Implicit Mods

Your crafting can also activate Eldritch Implicit modifications under certain conditions, such as when a specific enemy class is nearby. These gain strength as the restriction of the condition increases.


These qualifying mods are made for gamers who believe they have enough clear speed for the simpler enemies but want to focus on being even more efficient when it counts most—against the challenging uber bosses or regular bosses.


You can apply this to the image below of Hate Caress, where as soon as you are in the range of a Pinnacle Boss, you will do 32% more Electric DMG when you expose them with lightning on hit.


hate caress 5




This article aimed to enhance your understanding of Implicit mods and how these can be used for Eldritch crafting. Visit our PoE News page to learn more about all things Path of Exile.


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