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Path of Exile Development: More Delve Improvements

Delia Woolf October 01st, 2018 Path of Exile    PoE Currency    Exalted Orb    Chaos Orb    PoE Items    PoE Power Leveling    PoE Help   


As players get deeper and deeper into the Azurite Mine, some further adjustments have become necessary. Path of Exile expects to deploy these changes this week, when they next restart the realm. The team has written a Development Manifesto to outline the details of these changes. Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with PoE fans.


Voltaxic Sulphite Capacity


Players have indicated that they want to be able to store more Voltaxic Sulphite and have more control over when they Delve. Path of Exile has added three new Sulphite Capacity upgrades, now capping out at 60,000 capacity. These are end-game upgrades, so require quite a lot of Azurite to purchase.


Flare Capacity


Long Delves require more than the current limit of 12 flares. It's great to see players Delve so deeply into the darkness. Path of Exile doesn't want to stand in the way of this type of dangerous gameplay, so they're happy to facilitate more close calls far away from the Crawler. PoE is adding eight new Flare Capacity upgrades, now capping out at 20 flares. These start to get very expensive in terms of Azurite, so plan your upgrades carefully.


Fractured Walls


They want to encourage players to find, destroy and explore behind Fractured Walls. They have added many more rewarding outcomes concealed behind them.




The "Complete Delve Encounters IV" is too difficult to complete. This now has four additional components that can contribute towards its completion. These new components are still somewhat rare, but should be much more attainable. You still require only six total to complete the challenge, meaning you should only need two of the very rare ones now.


Aul, the Crystal King


He's pinnacle Delve content, but was probably too rare. PoE is increasing Aul's spawn rate by approximately 50%.


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