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Path of Exile December Events 2020: Mayhem, Endless Delve, and Flashback

Dear exiles, mmogah.com will share with you some exciting events! This December, the Grinding Gear Games have lined up three epic events for Path of Exile players to test themselves against. GGG has planned a Mayhem Event, an Endless Delve Event, and a Heist Flashback Event in the lead-up to their endgame expansion in January to keep the slaying bells ringing during the holiday period. Please find the schedule below for their most important upcoming dates. (About Path of Exile Events 2021: https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/path-of-exile-december-events-2020-mayhem-endless-delve-and-flashback )


Dates in US/EU Timezone

December 4 - One-Week Mayhem

December 11 - One-Week Endless Delve

December 18 - Three-Week Heist Flashback

January 7 - 3.13 Announcement Livestream

January 11 - Heist Ends on PC

January 15 - 3.13 PC Launch

January 21 - 3.13 Console Launch


poe december events


1. December 4 - One-Week Mayhem

The Mayhem event takes classic Path of Exile league modifiers from Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, and Harbinger and pushes them to the extreme. You'll encounter one of the following scenarios: 20 Strongboxes, 20 Rogue Exiles, 20 Tormented Spirits, 20 Invasion Bosses, 20 Harbingers, or 10 Breaches in each area, and each area in Wraeclast will have one of these mods. The mod of an area will change every hour.



2. December 11 - One-Week Endless Delve

The long-awaited Endless Delve event is finally here! You've got nowhere to go but down. You'll play exclusively in the Azurite Mine in this one-week event. Sulphite is not required for progress. You'll begin the plunge with access to some starter gear to help you take on dangerous darkness.


At various level thresholds, you'll have access to the passive points you'd typically gain from quests and incur Kitava's resistance penalties. You'll also be able to use the Altar of Ascendancy from within the mine encampment to enhance your character. Niko will be available alongside Lilly Roth to provide access to skill gems.


You'll be taking on the darkness 100% solo as you won't have access to any towns or your Hideout.



3. December 18 - Three-Week Heist Flashback

All the Heist Flashback Event is about the ruckus. You'll contest with several popular mods from past leagues in a harrowing mad-dash for glory and power in each area. Alongside Heist, each area in Wraeclast will randomly select three of the following mods present. These mods will change every hour.


2 Additional Rogue Exiles

2 Additional Invasion Bosses

1 Additional Breach

2 Additional Strongboxes

3 Additional Tormented Spirits

A 33% chance to spawn Cadiro and 2 Additional Perandus Chests

3 Additional Rare Monster Packs with Nemesis Mods

3 Additional Magic Monster Packs with Bloodlines

1 Additional Abyss

2 Additional Harbingers

1 Timeless Monolith

1 Metamorph

1 Delirium Mirror



This is a Heist event that means that you'll have access to Heist's content alongside the chaos of past mods in its current form. You'll need to make a new character to participate as this is a separate event to the Heist League. However, you can continue to complete your Heist challenges in the Heist Flashback Event.



Event Prizes

Demigod's Authority

If you are the top five of each Ascendancy Class in each of the four versions of the event (Standard, Standard SSF, Hardcore, Hardcore SSF), they will award you a brand new Demigod's Authority. They will display your event class rank on each Demigod's Authority.

They will award the top five ranked players for each Ascendancy Class for each version of these four events (Standard, Solo-Self Found, Console, etc.). For the duration of the event, changing your Ascendancy Class will be disabled.


Twilight Mystery Box

In each of the four events, they will automatically award you a Twilight Mystery Box for reaching level 50. This is a guaranteed prize that's only available once per event per account. So you will not grant multiple mystery boxes when you are leveling multiple characters in the same event.


Random Draw Microtransactions

You'll automatically be in the draw to win one of the microtransaction prizes if you reach one of the level thresholds. These will be drawn randomly and shared through all versions of the event. You can view the official notice to learn more about these prizes.


The micro-transaction prizes are not awarded automatically based on meeting the level requirements. Prizes will be drawn after the event. Leveling multiple characters in the same event will increase your chances of winning one of the randomly-drawn awards.



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