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Path of Exile: Changes to Zana and the Atlas


In Path of Exile: Delve they're making some improvements to Zana's quests and also introducing a new feature on the Atlas called Shaper's Strongholds that create a more powerful Shaper influence. Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with Path of Exile fans.





The initial quests that Zana offers to explore Shaper and Elder influence on the Atlas now also offer maps as quest rewards. These maps will be of the same tier of the map you explored. For example, if Alleyways has Shaper influence, the quest will indicate that you should investigate the Alleyways map. Upon completing the quest objective, Zana will reward you with any Tier 2 map of your choice.


The placement of the influence for these quests will always have a higher chance of being placed in maps that you have completed over ones that you have not.



Changes to the Atlas


There is a new feature on the Atlas called Shaper's Stronghold. This influence is a more powerful Shaper influence that cannot be defeated by the Elder naturally. Only you can impact removing this from your Atlas.


On completing these influenced maps, you will receive extra rewards, including Chisels, Sextants, Unique Items (including ones that would normally be restricted to leagues) and various Shaper Rare items.


There are four of these initially on yellow maps. Upon completion, each one will appear on red maps. Upon completing these, they will have a chance to randomly spawn when Shaper Influence is created. It's a percentage chance whenever a Shaper influence spawns (to defend against the Elder) that it'll be a Shaper's Stronghold. Its tier can't be guaranteed but you can restrict it by controlling the position and level of your Elder influence.


These are marked on your Atlas as seen below.



In addition, the Zana questline has generally been updated with clearer instructions with what it's guiding you to do.


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