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Path of Exile Builds: for Synthesis Flashback Event

Path of Exile Synthesis Flashback Event has already come! The Best Gaming Store MmoGah has added the sale of PoE Flashback Items. Now I will introduce PoE Builds about this flashback such as specific skills, ascendancies and items. Or you can also click the original video to learn more details.



Unlike regular leagues, Flashback Events are not accompanied by new skills, items or most importantly balance changes. This means that overpowered builds and mechanics from synthesis will remain completely untouched allowing for savvy players to start exploiting them from day one. The purpose of this article is to go over some of these mechanics with the intention of preparing you guys to have as much crucial information as possible before you start flashback. I will be introducing some things such as specific skills, ascendancies and items.  


Winter Orb

This should be a no-brainer for most of you, but in case you are living under a rock, winter orb is probably the most overpowered skill in the game. It can be played as pretty much ascendency can be built for all types of content and is viable on any budget to go into a little more detail. The main reason why winter orb is so strong is because it can pretty much do everything for you. It lets you move and deal damage, at the same time can off-screen packs of enemies has shot gunning AoEs for single target, and requires zero aiming from the player.


There are two major arguments for playing winter orb during flashback. First, I personally believe it's the best skill in the game right now. So making a winter orb character is probably the safest choice you can make in terms of being ready to tackle all content. Secondly, I think and hope winter orb is going to be nerved into the ground in 3.7, so if you haven't played it yet, now might be your last chance for a while. As far as specific builds are concerned, I'm going to recommend 3 solid ascendancies: Trickster, Elementalist and Occutlist.


Trickster is probably the most versatile and all content viable, but it is also the highest potential single target damage when built correctly.


Elementalist is also an excellent choice, but it leans mortal speed mapping and load to your Magic Find.


Occutlist would probably be my last pick, but it's still a fantastically tanky option with access to more than enough damage to do all content in the game.


Swift Killer 

It's important to note that all of these stats are exactly what you need to make pretty much any crit based channeling skill feel good supply.


Ghost Dance & Escape Artist


Harness the Void & Patient Reaper


I think trickster is the best ascendency option for some of the best skills in the game, so when you are choosing your starter for flashback, make sure you consider some builds that utilized.


That’s all about this synthesis flashback build. If you want to know more poe builds, you can click mmogah.com to see. And you can also buy safe and cheap PoE Orbs here. The professional services will never let you down!

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