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Path of Exile Build Guide: Meme Arrow

By John Ryan2018-05-03



Build of the Week: Friends with Benefits

Grinding Gear Game is wrapping up Season Eight of PoE Build of the Week by featuring a Deadeye build that takes many of the mechanics they've covered in earlier episodes of this season and combines them to generate up to fifty clones of yourself which absolutely melt bosses. Check out the full episode for more information about this Path of Exile build and how it works.



Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with Path of Exile fans. For more in-depth information about the PoE build 3.2, check out c9q9md's build guide here.


Meme Arrow Build Guide - (Blink/Mirror Arrow meme build - Shaper / Uber Atziri Done)



For those people out of the loop, this is the video that I made showcasing my newest meme build:



I also decided to record a boring map run as some of you want to see how it clears maps:




You will have the coolest build for any kind of master’s rotation you find yourself in. The whole point of this build is to maximize the amount of blink/mirror arrow minions we can achieve, while still being a playable build.

This is not a PoE build for beginners. If you are looking for a more viable, less meme and more boring build that will safely get you through the game albeit at a slower pace, check out The Uber Elite's guide instead. He has killed Shaper in BHC-SSF-BTW-league, so he probably knows what he is doing.


Next, I will start off by listing cons and pros:



If a mob as much as sneezes at you, you will die. You need to have multiple 5-6/links to deal optimal damage (5 links is fine). If your PC is a toaster and/or potato you might find yourself struggling at times. Again, you will have 3.6K life tops. You should sacrifice it all for the memes. Bad league starter. Easy to run into mana issues.



Meme mastery. You are never alone as you summon 50+ clones of yourself. Enough damage to take out most of the end-game, but probably not uber elder. 50 minions makes for a good meat shield. You only have to do normal and cruel lab, meaning izaro and unfair lab-traps will never be there to ruin your day. Kind of easy to gear. Fun to map with. Did I mention you have FIFTY MINIONS?


Concept and gear:

As previously stated, the sole purpose is to maximize our clone count. This is achieved by sacrificing 11 jewel-sockets, and wearing sun blast to instantly detonate the traps we throw down. We use Trap Support + Cluster Traps Support to quickly throw down 4-5 minion clones. We have all the trap cool down nodes on the tree, and we also chose the Deadeye ascendancy for the sole reason of it giving 100% increased cool down recovery speed for blink and mirror arrow. This cool down applies to traps as well. I have the 30% Blink arrow cool down recovery speed for my helmet enchant, and late-game we use tinker skin for another 30%. The ultimate late-game is boots with the shaper mod "10-15% increased cool down recovery speed." All of this put together leaves us with a cool down of just 1.3 Seconds for blink arrow, and 1.45 seconds for mirror arrow!

I also use gloves which works as a psuedo6-link and provides me with the very important GLOBAL mod "Skills which throw a trap with an additional trap", meaning we throw 5 traps instead of 4 traps.

For auras I have them in a 5-link in my lion eye's glare. Please note this requires 5 off-colours in order to get, and to run empower also requires a level 4 enlighten. This is not strictly needed, and I was doing red maps just fine with my auras in a 4-link (anger-wrath-generosity-enlighten(level3))


Rest of my gear:



Leveling and progression

Bandits: Help alira because mana is hard to sustain. You should have good leveling gear laying around. With good enough gear you can easily make it to maps using a roth's reach and a random +1 quiver without any issues. Here is the gear I used for leveling.



With the twink leveling gear in place, you don't need to worry about the passive tree that much. Grab all the aura nodes as the first thing you do, as you don't need any defense early on and just want damage. Aside from that roughly follow this tree for level 81.

After you reach level 37 make sure you equip sunblast. It will make your traps auto trigger, and feels really good. Allocate 2 Cheap construction jewels once you get sublast, so the traps trigger instantly.

Fill out more cheap constructions at the same pace you fill out duration nodes, as the nodes will screw over your trap duration unfortunately, but it is necessary in order for our minions to last longer, thus increasing our minion count.


Tips for a smooth leveling process:

For leveling I was having 2x 5-link setups in a Tabula rasa. I was using this setup till far into yellow maps, and it works wonders on a budget. In act 3 get your 2 main auras Anger + Wrath, you need these to deal decent damage early game. Make sure you have a generosity gem ready for once you reach level 31. This will greatly increase your damage. Personally I swapped right into multi traps when it first was available, then swapped it out for cluster traps when I unlocked that gem.

Pro tip: Since beastiary has a lot of level 21 gems for sale, make sure to buy a level 21/0 cluster trap gem for cheap. I paid 1c for both of my gems. Until you can get Tinker skin, use a quartz flask. Phasing is a HUGE quality of life for this kind of build that relies a lot on mechanical dodging.



This is the tree for level 90. As you can see we have now picked up all the jewel sockets, and you should socket all 11 cheap construction jewel.


Elemental Equilibrium:

It is very important to note how EE works. When you specifically hit an enemy with an attack, the enemy will lose 50 resistance for each element it was not hit with. The mob will also gain 25% resistance to the element which you are dealing to it. How we take advantage of this, is that we hit an enemy with our curse on hit bow attack, which will apply a little bit of cold damage from our ring/gloves/amulet. This will make the enemy vulnerable to Fire and Lightning damage, which corresponds to our main auras, Wrath and Anger. This makes our minions deal way more damage to targets hit by your attack. In other words it is very important to have any form of cold damage somewhere on you gear (needs to be flat cold damage, not %increased). It is also very important to NOT have any fire/lightning damage at all on your gear. Generosity support on your auras is obviously very important for this to apply correctly. For reference I get my small amount of cold damage from my ring:




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