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Path of Exile 3.7 Legion: Crafting Guide – How to Craft Gear for ED Build

Dear exiles, Path of Exile Legion league is near the end, and the new league 3.8 Blight is coming. Today the Best Gaming Store MmoGah, which is praised as a professional PoE Shop, will share the last guide about PoE Legion with you. This post includes 5 parts on How to Craft Gear for ED Build. Or you can watch LittleGamingTips’s original video. Now let’s begin.








+1 to level of socketed str gems (suff)

+1 to level of socketed int gems (suff)

+1 to level of socketed gems (pref)

+2 to level of socketed supp gems (pref)


These can have multiple Crafted Modifiers (suff) and 36-40% to non-oilment chaos damage over time Multiplier (pref).


Compared with Standard Bow, for Low Life Version of the ED build, bow with +1 Int equals 481k more DPS, and bow with +1 Str equals 412k more DPS. Compared with Standard Bow, for Life Version of the ED build, bow with +1 Int equals 233k more DPS, and bow with +1 Str equals 200k more DPS.


- Fossil Crafted

- Main – Faceted Fossil (around 2 Exalted Orbs)

- Alone or in combination with Aetheric Fossil

- Better results when used Faceted + Aetheric Fossil

- For Best result need to hit +1 to str and +1 to int gems

- Also need 1 open prefix and 1 open suffix


Suffixes cannot be changed is prefix, the reason is that we need an open prefix. In case you don’t have open suffix or prefix, use Orb of Annulment and beastcrafting. How to get Faceted Fossil? Trade (around 2ex), inside mine (Delve) and by using Fossilised Incubators.


Got +1 int gems, but no open suffix and 2 suffixes / 1 prefix if you don’t need. Decided to use Beastcrafting, and orb of annulment would be ok too. Now I Mastercraft suffix cannot be changed and removed prefixes. Then I Mastercraft can have Multiple Modifiers, +2 to supp gems and 36-40% to non-ailment chaos damage Multiplier.


Socketed skills deal 20% more spell damage is little better than 36-40% Non-Ailment chaos damage over time multiplier, so there was no need to remove it.


I checked for damage in PoB: with Socketed Skills deal 20% more Spell Damage = 4.49 Mill, and with 36-40% Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over time multiplier = 4.46 Mill.






We need to use just one fossil and one resonator. (1 Aberrant Fossil + Primitive Alchemical Resonator or Primitive Chaotic Resonator)


Main damage mods:

- 3-4% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

- 13-19% increased Chaos Damage – delve suff


Secondary damage mods:

- 14-15% increased Spell Damage while wielding a Staff – prefix

- 14-15% increased Spell Damage while holding a Shield – prefix

- Minions deal 14-16% increased Damage – prefix

- 9-13% increased Chaos Damage – prefix

- 10-12% increased Spell Damage – suffix

- 9-10% increased Damage % - suffix

- 10-12% increased Damage over Time - suffix


Main defense mods:

5-7% increased maximum Life – prefix

6-8% increased max Energy Shield – prefix


Secondary defense mods:

Single, double and to all Elemental Resistances mods






- Fossil Crafting

 Aberrant + Pristine for Life version ED

 Aberrant + Dense for ES Version ED

 Only Aberrant for hybrid ED + Resonators with 2 or 1 sockets


- Main Mod

 Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance


- Crafting goal

 Life ED – min 100 life + some res

 ES ED – min 270 es


At this point, I still used non-ed helmet. Before this try, I only used 5 fossils at the start of league without success. Using Hillock rank 3 crafting bench (Fortification Safehouse)






Fossil Crafting

- 2 fossils Aberrant + Aetheric

- 1 fossil Aberrant


Essence Crafting

- Essence of envy: deafening essence of envy = 31-34% increased Chaos Damage


Main Mods:

% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

- (20-30) % increased Chaos Damage


Secondary mods:

- To maximum life

- To maximum Energy Shield

- increased maximum Energy Shield

- increased Spell Damage

- To Strength

- To all Attributes

- increased Cast Speed

- Resistance

- Increased Area of Effect

- Elder Based Amulets: Jade, Amber and Citrine

- Item level 85 or higher

- Before crafting check current prices

- Amulets will be harder to sell than Jewels or Helmets

- Use trade macro or manually check






Main Mod: (suffix)

+ (13-16) % to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

- Elder Based Fingerless Silk Gloves

- Elder Based Sorcerer Gloves


Best Crafting Method:

- Use Orb of Alteration + Orb of Augmentation

- Try your luck with Chaos Crafting


With these gloves crafted, I was lucky to hit just main mod with a maximum roll. Again, I decided to use regal orb without making an imprint. Mod from regal was nothing special. I Mastercraft Can have Multiple Crafted Modifier, 56-74% Increased Energy Shield, 27-34% to maximum energy shield and 24-28% Increased Damage During any Flask effect.



That’s all about this crafting guide. You can come to mmogah.com to see more PoE Guide. Or you can buy cheap and safe PoE Currency and PoE Items here. The professional services will never let you down!

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