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Path of Exile 3.21: Crucible Expansion Details

Dear exiles, exciting news! The Path of Exile 3.21 expansion will come weeks later. Today the professional PoE shop MmoGah will share the new league details with you.


poe 3.21 Crucible Expansion Details



Path of Exile 3.21 expansion's name is "Crucible".



You'll be able to play the Crucible expansion for free on April 7th (PDT) on PC and Mac and on April 12th (PDT) on consoles.



In the trailer video, your character is running up the stairs. He ran through a burning door. Then a giant stone monster appeared. I guess this is the strongest boss, and you will get lots of prizes by killing him.



Balance Manifestos

This time, GGG won't be posting balance manifestos detailing the expansion's balance changes.


Balanced manifestos are great at communicating specific types of content. Whenever GGG wants to delve into a certain game system, they provide a great opportunity to clearly explain the changes in a stand-alone way rather than in the hustle and bustle of a live day. They also gave GGG a longer time to gather feedback on whether these system changes are going in the right direction.


Over the years, however, the GGG has recognized that certain types of changes in the balance manifesto are not appropriate. Oftentimes, changes require greater context, live-streamed explanations, or benefit from the video as a form of communication. Sometimes a balance statement has so much numerical detail that it reads like a set of patch notes strangely separated from the rest of the actual patch notes. You need to understand the context and plan to build.


The balance changes at 3.21 were mostly of the latter type. GGG will explain them during the livestream, with full details released in the announcement day patch notes. But don't worry. Without the dreaded system rework, they need to ask for feedback upfront. Their balance goal for 3.21 is to provide more options and more fun for as many builds as possible rather than redoing the game system in a potentially destructive way. While there are, of course, some minor nerfs, 3.21 is definitely not a nerf.


Final Thoughts

The coming new league 3.21 patch is very expected! We can't wait to see all details in the upcoming livestream and check out what builds you create in 3.21. Please stay tuned on mmogah.com for more news about PoE 3.21!




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