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Path of Exile 3.19 Starter Build and Plans

By ivicamilaric2022-08-18

There is much excitement in the entire gaming community around the title of Path of Exile. This thrilling free-to-play RPG, which has been around for many years, is soon getting its massive new Challenge League. The new expansion is called Path of Exile 3.19: Lake of Kalandra, and its developers, Grinding Gear Games, announced it recently. The news managed to generate so much fan attention that it even overtook the fact that the same developers are creating Path of Exile 2. Instead, all eyes are now on the PoE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra and the interesting and dynamic changes it will bring. Naturally, that includes many plans when it comes to the PoE starter plans and how the players will approach the same expansion.


For a huge community, where the Path of Exile starter plans guide has been a regular occurrence for many years, the new expansion is nothing different. But, at the same time, for many who are unfamiliar with the PoE 3.19 expansion and all that it brings to the table, that process might be a bit of daunting process. Luckily, this Path of Exile start plan guide for the PoE 3.19 expansion will be able to help with that process. Here, the key information related to the same new PoE content will be blended with the best approach to taking on the Lake of Kalandra challenges. Thanks to it, anyone who wants to dominate the enemies, maps, and everything else in the new Path of Exile 3.19 expansion will be able to do it in a more powerful form than they ever imagined. That includes an idea for an impressive build but also some options for earning currency and getting ahead with PoE farming in the new content.


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Basics of PoE 3.19

The key facts from the latest PoE expansion have already been covered here at MmoGah, but here are some of the key takeaways. The expansion will launch on PC and Mac on August 19, 2022. It will get its Xbox and Playstation launch five days later, on August 24. One of the main changes it brings is the league mechanics which will now include a mirrored tablet where the players can add a range of different reflections. The game advancement and getting ahead in Path of Exile 3.19 includes getting more spaces for the board and filling those too. The final element is filling all slots with their reflections, which opens a gateway to the Lake of Kalandra.


At the lake, players will come across their reflections, and each of these is an individual challenge. It can be a wider mechanic like Harbinger, but it can also come with new challenges. Players will be free to manipulate their mirror board for the purpose of creating and changing reflections. The Path of Exile 3.19 endgame will allow players to skip some reflections, reroll them or remove them completely. All of that adds to an interesting and different setup that many veteran players find just as interesting as the novice ones. Of course, the setup will require a strong and versatile PoE build - right now. Scourge Arrow Raider seems like one of the most promising but also very demanding builds for all players.



Scourge Arrow Raider

Many who already play PoE might be confused by choice of this particular build. But, Scourge Arrow Raider actually has a range of qualities that could make the experience of PoE 3.19 a lot easier in the long run for many gamers. This build comes with solid defenses but also a level of offensive capabilities that is impressive. Damage, in particular, is promising, being that this build should see its damage-dealing potential go up by some 50 percent with the current update and the new content that is inbound. However, new players for the Path of Exile 3.19 should understand one key point about this build - it is an all-around option that does not particularly excel at any individual element. Instead, it offers a stable foundation on which the players can build a truly impressive build that can dish out insane amounts of damage basically across the entire surface of the screen.


However, the same build is fast, and that is the first thing that new players will feel when they use it to take on Path of Exile 3.19. Some might also wonder why this build goes with the Raider class instead of a Pathfinder. The answer is simple: besides the faster movement speed, Raider also comes with a higher Quality of Life and much better defenses. All of those add up to a clear choice of going for Raider and not what might seem a more logical option of taking a Pathfinder.


Besides, these factors are also one of the main reasons why it is such a prominent part of PoE start plans for the new league. Also, the potential of the build is such that it can go all the way to 10 million DPS. Besides, the build comes with a powerful screen-wide clear, which means that it can tackle enemies spread out over a massive surface. That remains an excellent trait for any PoE build that has the potential to deal with numerous yet less powerful enemies that attack in swarm setups. Its Quality of Life features are impressive as well, which allow this Scourge Arrow Raider build to apply curses and do a range of other utilities.


Finally, it allows players to put down Ballistas that will also be able to produce a massive amount of damage and help the player through the cleaners of Path of Exile 3.19 enemies. In terms of the early game and the damage this build produces, Poison is a good option and something that many Scrooge Arrow Raider Path of Exile starter plan guide suggestions include. Thanks to Poison, players will have a much easier time at the very start of using this build. The Covenant feature also allows the players to scale their DPS all the way into the endgame. However, novice players should be warned that leveling up this build might take time and practice. Its versatility and no singular overpowered feature mean that gamers have to approach it in a diverse and flexible way - it has no silver bullet abilities and big tricks up its sleeve. But, if they do, the potential of Scourge Arrow Raider for the Lake of Kalandra PoE expansion is beyond huge.


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PoE 3.19 Starter Farming Plans

The new expansion will also offer a range of currency and farming options. Of course, like with all things related to currencies and in-game items for Path of Exile, MmoGah is the perfect solution to any player's needs. As one of the leaders in the domain of PoE boosting, MMOGAH offers a range of services related to Path of Exile currency and other valuables that can help anyone traverse this exciting game. Precisely the same goes for PoE 3.19 expansion and the diverse but often expensive content it offers. But fortunately, the Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra expansion also brings around an interesting selection of options for generating currency and doing some in-game farming. Many are already including the farming of Eldritch Altars in the PoE starter plans for 3.19, especially when it comes to new mechanics. That is the Lake of Kalandra mechanic, but presently, it is hard to gauge how effective it will be.


Like with all new expansions, the level of profitability of this farming approach will take some time to generate its precise estimate. Furthermore, the new Memory feature should also prove to be interesting. But, it is important to note that some Path of Exile starter plan guides caution players not to lock themselves into the Eldritch Altar farming completely, as it might end up being not as effective as other combinations of farming approaches. It also might produce some Quality of Life issues or not be as rewarding as it could be. Alternatively, or in combination with this option, many players will be farming maps themselves. So, a combination of the two approaches might be the winning formula. But, all of that will be known only when the expansion hits the player community, and there is a bit of time to explore all of the options in more detail, but also in the actual Lake of Kalandra content, not just in theory.



Path of Exile New Expansion Inbound

There is little doubt that Lake of Kalandra will provide some amazing content for all PoE players. With the track record that Grinding Gear Games has in the Path of Exile and the wider RPG community, it is certain that the level of quality and sheer engagement from the PoE 3.19 expansion will be impressive. At the same time, not many doubt that the expansion will be a pushover - instead, it will offer a range of challenges. Here, MmoGah offers the best option for PoE in-game currency boosting, but this Path of Exile starter plan guide should also be useful. With a bit of properly chosen farming and a variation of the Scourge Arrow Raider build, any PoE player can enjoy their upcoming Lake of Kalandra adventures very much!




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