• Path of Exile 3.18: Some News and Predictions
    By Nancy G2022-04-22 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, hot news! With the Path of Exile 3.18 expansion timeline and name revealing, the professional PoE Shop will share all news we collected with you.


    poe 3.18 news and predictions


    Expansion Name:

    Path of Exile: Sentinel


    Expansion Timeline:

    You'll be able to play the new Path of Exile: Sentinel expansion for free on May 13th (PDT) on PC and on May 18th (PDT) on consoles.


    About Sentinel:

    Today we got a nice surprise from Grinding Gear Games - the announcement of Path of Exile 3.18. The announcement, in other words, is the teaser trailer. And like most teaser trailers, it doesn't show too much. I'm going to watch through the whole teaser trailer and then give you a few brief thoughts since there's not a lot to go on.


    poe 3.18 About Sentinel


    1. Is "Sentinel" an ally or an enemy?

    The trailer contains a bunch of still images or screenshots of little guys following you, which makes sense with the name "Sentinel." But I can't tell they are allies or enemies. If they are allies, they will fire their laser and kill all the enemies if you charge them. And they can de-buff enemies and help you to get various power-ups throughout the map. However, if they are enemies, they will buff bosses. In that case, we will get some sort of self-made hard mode thing going on where you can give the enemies different buffs, such as making them resistant to fire damage. Unfortunately, it is far too early to know, as almost nothing is explained in this trailer.


    Here I want to make a bold and interesting guess – the "Sentinel" is an ally AND enemy. I think it will make sense if they are allies, but GGG doesn't like fun. They want to see exiles die. So I guess the "Sentinel" will buff you as an ally and buff some specific bosses as an enemy at some specific spots. That sounds amazing but interesting, lol. What are your thoughts on this is the sentinel an ally or an enemy?


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    2. Sentinel - Notable Passive Skill

    Sentinel is a notable passive skill that grants increased armour rating and evasion rating. It also grants additional elemental resistances.


    Sentinel - Notable Passive Skill


    That's all news we have known about PoE 3.18 so far. Please stay tuned to for more details about the 3.18 league.