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  • Path of Exile 3.10: Delirium Top Starter Builds

    By Nancy G2020-03-13

    Greetings Exiles! Tomorrow is the big day, and the professional PoE Shop MmoGah has made some useful starter builds for you to start Delirium with a fun and reliable character. You can read this article or watch Tarke Cat’s video to learn more about Delirium Starter Build. I wish you all a great league!





    These are all abilities that I can recommend as League Start options that will feel good for the Delirium mechanic. These are not the only good starter builds. There are plenty of very strong starter builds that will feel good for the mechanic with a little bit of gear but I have only included skills that will feel amazing from day 1 with nothing.




    -Cyclone: It is always great and you can go cyclone face breakers impale champion and have ridiculous damage with incredibly low investment would recommend.


    -Lacerate: You go glad lead explosions steel’s considering for this league starts if you want a build that check out steel Barry saw declare good single target.


    -Bladestorm: Exact same reasoning as Lacerate. Just do the exact same build but using place tormented of mastery.


    -Earthquake: It is actually pretty good for this league mechanic I think, because it’s just case if you just hit the ground run a big thing about chasing the Delirium fog will be having builds which map with momentum of all EQ will feel very good.


    -Sunder: Same thought process as placed on Lacerate. It’s just a very good skill get bunch of attack speed.




    -Caustic arrow: It’s very easy to League start with you can use it from level 2 with zero gear. Once you get a three link bow, you’re set and that will take you away, it also combos very nicely with toxic rain if you are low on single target. It will just feel good for League mechanic can definitely recommend.


    -Puncture / RoA / Split arrow: This is slightly cheating because this is something you would League start as one of these melee abilities then you would swap into.


    -Toxic rain: Exact same setup of Caustic arrow.

    -Bane (struggle with dmg): It is very popular and will get you two maps incredibly quickly and also if you are playing an essence or any contagion build, I’d actually recommend the leveling with Bane once you get it.


    -Vortex / Coldsnap: It’s always very strong as the leagues like you can do it as a cultist or trickster.


    -ED / Contagion: It feels great. I would always go ED / Contagion on trickster. And you can do that if you like.


    -Ignite Fireball: It is very good. It’s actually like very much slapped on as a good starter’s build, and you can also transition it into a lot of other builds if you want master with other damage overtime builds. Ignite Fireball would always recommend as a trickster.


    -Soulrend: I play that as a trickster. Soulrend is one of those abilities where you would start as bane.




    -Blade vortex

    -Frostbolt Ice nova

    -Orb of Storms

    -Magma Orb: Sire of Shards with weapon swap into a dps single target Staff setup.

    -Storm Brand




    -Arc Totems

    -Freeze Pulse totems




    -Arc Mines: You can use Arc Mines for clear

    -Icicle Mine

    -Toxic Rain Mines




    -Lightning Trap




    -Animate weapon

    -Zoomy Spectre: This build using Skelly for Single Target



    That’s all about this Delirium starter Builds. You can come to MmoGah to see more PoE Builds. And you can also buy PoE Delirium Currency with cheap price. The professional services will satisfied with you all time.