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  • Path of Exile: 200M+ DPS Inquisitor Spark Aura Stacker Guide - How to Scale Aura Stacker Damage

    By Nancy G2022-07-15

    Dear exiles, today I'm going to talk about the 200M DPS spark inquisitor and how stackers get all their damage. You can subscribe to KobeBlackMamba’s channel if you want to view the original video for more details.


    How to Scale Aura Stacker Damage



    • Aura Stackers have greatly changed in the last two leagues, moving from Low Life Shav's to Petrified Blood.

    • It does not need to be exclusively Ascendant, with Champion being the better option and Occultist/Inquisitor being viable.

    • Damage has greatly increased with Recombinators, adding Level 4 Empower and Amulet with Eldritch Implicits.

    • There’s still one of the best builds in the game for Invitation/Simulacrum Farming.

    • Leadership's Price / Secrets of Suffering is now used at the extreme budget variation.



    Why Is Damage So High

    • Aura Stackers get all their base damage from Skill Gem Level, Smite, and Wrath Aura.

    • Base damage gets scaled by %Increased mainly from Nebulis (600% Lightning and Cold Damage).

    • More Damage Scaling from Wrath, Hatred, Zealotry, Pain Attunement, and Righteous Fire.

    • 9.93 Cast Speed because of More Cast Speed modifier on Gloves.

    • 100% Critical Strike Chance because of 3.5% Base Crit on Gloves, Precision, and Bottled Faith.

    • 768% Multi from running 1 Passive Voices and Quad Multi Jewels.

    • Penetration comes from Inquisitor Ascendancy.

    • There is around 300% Aura Effectiveness from Body Armour, Introspection, Militant Faith, Helmet, and Amulet.


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    How Much Cheating

    • Profile actually has reverse cheating because he has 117/123 Passive Points, and you have to manually input in the 6 Points for the Small Passive Clusters.

    • It has enough Mana Reservation and Life Reservation left over for casting.

    • No additional Skills that are unrealistic to cast in Real World Combat.

    • It even takes one skill duration cluster and mastery to scale Spark Duration.

    • It does not have Malevolence, which should be a higher DPS output in reality but less on PoB.

    • There’s still an extremely tanky character that has a nutty regen because of Inquisitor.

    • The first ever Profile actually to have its damage underrepresented by PoB.



    Final Thoughts

    • Inquisitor is an interesting choice because Forbidden Jewel makes it so you can reserve more of your life due to chaos damage being a near non-factor.

    • You might try out Inquisitor Aura-Stacking Spark in the future to see its potential.

    • Lvl 4 Empower Gloves and New Amulet take this build to extreme levels never seen since Heist Days.

    • It Demonstrates the power of skills having Elemental Tags due to the prevalence of Quad Multi Jewels.



    Here is the ending of this guide. Welcome to to view more PoE Guides. And you can also buy cheap PoE currency here.




    [PoE 3.18] #1 200M+ DPS Inquisitor Spark Aura Stacker - How to Scale Aura Stacker Damage