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Path of Exile 2: Trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 2

Among ancient ruins, evil grows once more. The seed of corruption advances, spreading dread and despair. We must give chase. These sands hide countless secrets—three thousand years of dormant malevolence. We must hunt down the seed and put an end to its madness if Wraeclast is to survive.



Today MmoGah will show you exiles Path of Exile 2's second trailer and gameplay walkthrough. Now let's see the details.


As you were shown in the trailer, Act 2 is centered around a caravan of Maraketh called the Ardura, who live in the Vastiri Desert. You're chasing another caravan from an opposing tribe called the Faridun. There's a set of large ancient gates blocking the progress of the caravan through a desert pass, so you're being sent through the traitor's passage to unlock them.


poe 2 two caravans



Path of Exile 2 is a lot more than just new acts. We want combat to feel both brutal and responsive, even at low levels. We're ensuring that each weapon type has unique and different mechanics, and each weapon class feels different to play. Today we're going to start by demonstrating the new spear weapon class. - GGG


Spears are a Unique Weapon class favoring mobility with both melee and ranged attack options. To that end, each spear will grant you at least one mobility skill. In this case, this spear comes with both an Engage and Disengaged skill. When you engage, it increases your melee damage for a short time, and that really encourages you to be mobile during combat.


One of the skills we're using here is called Whirling Slash. When you use Whirling Slash, it creates a sandstorm that grows in size each time you use the skill. When you leave the sandstorm, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby monsters. A great way to do that is to use the disengage skill, which makes you fly backward and throws projectiles.


In PoE 2, each area's minibosses are much more substantial fighting with interesting mechanics. You'll be able to find at least one miniboss in each area of the game. One thing I love about this boss, in particular, is that it destroys the ceiling when it slams the ground, letting in more light. Clever players will notice that if they're standing in the light, then you're not going to have any rocks falling on your head.


poe 2 minibosses


The rapid assault skill we're using against this boss does three rapid stabs, followed by a fourth stab that deals more damage and can stun it if you're willing to commit to the long attack time.


While developing the skills for Path of Exile 2, we were really thinking a lot about designing skills that can be canceled early to dodge, or you can commit to the full attack for maximum damage. – GGG


One of the skills we're using here is called Spearfield, which creates an area of spears coming out of the ground that impales monsters who walk into them, causing them to bleed. As the monsters move towards you, they take damage, so using your mobility skills to jump away from them is a great strategy here.



In PoE 2, we've invested a lot in our animation system. I'm sure you're noticing the animations are looking a lot better than they did in PoE1. But there's also a lot of subtle details, like the character having different run animations depending on how fast they're moving. When we use a Quicksilver here, you can see the character changes to a sprinting animation. - GGG


Now we've arrived at the Ancient Gates. We're going to show you another new weapon class in Path of Exile 2 - Crossbows. Crossbows are special in that they grant attack skills implicitly. This particular crossbow grants Power Shot, which is a high-damage single-target attack. In order to modify what Power Shot does, you're going to need to equip Bolt Skill Gems, which change the type of bolts that are loaded into the crossbow. Here we've got three different bolt skills that the character can switch between depending on the situation.


poe 2 Ancient Gates


Permafrost Bolts can be used to disrupt packs of enemies to prevent them from closing on your position. You can then follow up with Armour Piercing Bolts to do plenty of damage.


In this area, we're helping Asala, the leader of Ardura, to open the Ancient Gates and let the caravan through. Because the bolt types are the skill gems. Support gems that are added to them will modify whatever the skill you're using. Here we're going to add Multiple Projectiles to our Incendiary Bolt.


poe 2 Asala



In PoE 2, we're doing a lot more interesting things with monster packs. Here you can see some monsters patrolling around. - GGG


Now we're coming to another example of a PoE 2 miniboss. The boss has dropped another type of crossbow - a Siege Crossbow. This crossbow grants the siege cascade skill. The skill is also modified depending on what bolts you're using.


poe 2 Siege Crossbow


We tried to add a lot more little details to combat in Path of Exile 2. You might notice that the monsters who die while burning have charred corpses. We really want to make sure that there's a feeling that as you leave the battlefield, there's clear evidence that combat took place there. - GGG


poe 2 battlefield


This is the Perennial King, the leader of the Faridun. His goal here is to prevent you from catching the caravan at any cost.


poe 2 Perennial King


This is the Ardura Caravan, your town in Act 2.


poe 2 Ardura Caravan


One of the things we really wanted to do in Act 2 was to use the mobility of the caravan to allow the player to choose how they explore the act. Here you're given four options on how to proceed. - GGG


Once you've picked your destination, the caravan will travel to the area and come to a stop so that you can disembark and go on your quest. Because we just got the Storm Spear skill as a quest reward, now it would be a great time to switch back to spears and use some ranged abilities. Storm Spear fires a lightning projectile which splits on contact.


The other skill we're using here is called Blazing Lance. Blazing Lance creates a trail of fire from the ground, dealing damage over time. However, if you're willing to stand in place for long enough, you can throw a second spear that will fan the flames for much more damage.


We've just found a unique spear. It's called Daevata's Wind. This spear has an extra modifier that synergises really well with Storm Spear. When you disengage, you get two additional projectiles on your projectile skills.


poe 2 Daevata's Wind


That's all of the content about PoE 2's second trailer and gameplay walkthrough. We will get the whole picture by 2022 or later. By the way, the new league 3.15 will begin on July 23th, and the best PoE Shop will show you the details next week or later.

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