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  • Path of Exile: 10 Things to Avoid That Can Ruin Your Playthrough
    By Pen Slingers2022-09-30 00:00:00

    Path of Exile is the most played game and a little complicated ARPG due to its incredible diversity. It doesn't matter how many hours you have sunk into RPGs or how good you are at slaying monsters. There are a few things that you have to consider before playing PoE and avoid the mistakes, so you don't end up ruining your PoE gameplay. In this guide, you will learn about a few mistakes you shouldn't make and play like a pro and earn more currency right at the start to play the endgame early.


    Path of Exile is a little challenging game, and it's okay if you make some mistakes while playing the PoE. But making those mistakes continuously destroys your gameplay and main storyline. It will be difficult for you to start over a new game because it will be too late to understand your mistakes and their consequences.


    If you are starting the Path of Exile or are in between levels 20-25 and making these mistakes which are discussed in the article, then it would be best to restart the game because it is not late, but if you continue, you will end up running your Path of Exile gameplay.


    Remember that all the mentioned problems and mistakes are not just related to your playing style or gameplay. We have included every fact that plays a significant role in destroying your PoE gameplay, from your system to your required internet connection and the mistakes you might be making as a beginner.


    10 Things to Avoid That Can Ruin Your Playthrough pic


    High Ping or Bad Internet Connection

    Not only Path of Exile, but nowadays, every new game requires you to have a good Internet connection. There are many specific things connected to the online servers, such as some unique in-game items, and you can only gain these items once you connect your game profile with their online servers.


    Path of Exile devs releases the game updates more frequently and new leagues to keep the community engaged. It is essential to have a good internet connection. If you are a Path of Exile player but haven't connected your game profile with the online servers. In that case, unfortunately, you are missing every update and new content because if you are not connected, you will not get any notification. You will miss the upcoming leagues and PoE major news & events. So, it's highly recommended to have a good internet connection.



    Starting Not at The Right Time In A League

    If you are not playing the leagues in Path of Exile, then there is no motive to play the Path of Exile because you are missing every single adventure and fun. It's almost against the PoE community that you are not participating in the leagues. Path of Exile is far more than the main quest or storyline.


    According to the gamers, the actual Path of Exile begins after the main storyline when you start playing the leagues. There is no point in forcing any player that they must play in the league; consider this as a warning that you are losing the chance to enhance your experience, your skills, and build as well. Not just this, you are missing out on some genuine treasure items that you will be rewarded with by the end of the league. 


    If you intend to participate in the PoE league, keep an eye for the date most leagues end up before you even realize it, so before starting the new league, ensure that you have enough window to complete the league.



    Spending Passive Tree Points Without Care

    The skill tree is the symbol of RPGs. Without skill, the tree game is incomplete. But are you using the skill tree in the right way? Generally, it doesn't matter what game you are playing; instead, it is Path of Exile or any other famous RPG. You will destroy your gameplay if you do not utilize the skill tree correctly.


    Path of Exile is hard to understand, especially for newbies, and it is okay if you spend some skill points in the wrong direction. We suggest you follow the guide and PoE community to make things right and spend your skills points correctly.


    In Path of Exile, earning skill points takes a lot of hard work, so it will be wise not to spend your Passive Points/ skill points Recklessly.



    Wasting Important Currencies

    Just like skill points, the Currency Orb matters a lot. You have to be very conscious when spending the orbs. Although the Path of Exile offers some eye-catching items, in an honest opinion, you have to be very careful. Orbs are hard to earn in PoE, so it would be wise if you spend only one needed.


    Many new players intend to buy every single item with the orb at the initial stage, and when they level up, they don't have enough orbs to upgrade the stuff or to purchase the required item according to their character level. So please don't waste your orbs. Spend them wisely.



    One Favorite Build

    In all games, there will always be a Meta, the things you do that reward you with minimum effort. Builds culminate different tasks to strengthen your Exile as they work around synergies with Skill Gems, Gear, Passives, etc. So staying true to one build every season is counterproductive as GGG has been known to shift things a lot.


    There shouldn't be a single favorite build to avoid disappointment if it gets nerfed or some other build is buffed to break the meta. In these cases, you can always level up another Exile class or save equipment in your shared stash for them when you want to try out a different play style, or your main one gets nerfed.



    Not Taking Notes from Build Guides

    The game punishes you incredibly if you are not clever in considering synergies. Even though you can get more equipment by farming, it is tough to refund the Passive Tree points you invested in. if you are trying out new things and just experimenting, it's okay but sticking to it for more than 30 levels is a waste of time. You can test out different skills you enjoy, then find a build that works around that skill.


    When you have built your Exile around a specific skill and worked on a guide for that, you will have a strong character at the end game to tackle Atlas. Atlas dungeons and maps are the end game mechanics in Path of Exile.


    You can also watch YouTube build guides videos to see how different builds perform and look when others play them. If you stumble upon something you like and want to buy, you can check how it has been built.



    Being Overconfident

    Being overconfident has killed a lot of hardcore players in this game. Too many if you ask us. This holds true for softcore players, too, because when they are plowing through easier content, players don't invest in essential items that make the build strong, which makes them hit a hard wall. These players then need to go back to the drawing board to see which aspect of their build is not synergizing properly. Instead, they just stop playing as they get frustrated, so either you re-spec your Passives Tree or may need to start a new character altogether.



    Not Understanding What Different Modifiers Mean and How They're Calculated

    The developers at GGG have done a lot these past years to add text in-game to explain things while still leaving some unexplained. Some essential mechanics haven't been explained well, like the difference between "increased" and "more." When they use "increased," it means the modifier is additive, like adding +40 life, and when using "more," it means multiplicative, like adding 40% more. Multiplicative modifiers are always more than additive.


    These modifiers are found in all items and gems, so learn to understand similar wordings about other things by searching on the internet to utilize these things in the game entirely.



    Not Using Selling Websites to Know Actual Values

    Path of Exile loves their trading and encourages them to trade items and other currencies to enhance their progress if they have something they don't need. It is also true that the chat system is rampant with bots that might sell them higher price items or scam them.


    To avoid this issue, always check websites like MmoGah to gauge the actual value of different items and currencies to stay ahead of the curve.



    Not Using the Loot Filter

    It is surprising that not many players know how to use a loot filter or its purpose in the game. Tons of loots drop during the gameplay, and while you would love to pick all, there isn't enough space for it.


    Loot filter allows you to filter out trash items so you can only pick up items worth picking and focus on clearing content instead spending time playing the inventory Tetris.