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Let’s Expect the Wonderful Bestiary League in Path of Exile

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Launching on March 2, 2018, the next main update for Grinding Gear Games' action-RPG Path of Exile is going to launch the Bestiary Challenge League that has enough new features to be considered an important expansion. The new league will allow you to capture different kinds of beasts, expand your knowledge of Wraeclast's fauna, and then use this knowledge to craft new powerful PoE Items. Apart from this, the league will introduce the Uber Elder Endgame Boss, completely revamp the Ascendancy classes, and add new skill gems, PoE Currency, and more. The following are the official Bestiary league announcement and some paragraphs about its features:

The Bestiary League

In order to craft powerful poe items, you can try to use the fallen Exalted Orb, which can help you enhance the gear property. Hunter-scavenger Einhar Frey will teach you how to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts in the Bestiary Challenge League. PoE's March Update includes the Bestiary League, dozens of new items, new end-game content, new gems, and more.


Capture Dangerous Beasts

You can capture any of the beasts of Wraeclast with Einhar's help. When you master the art of hunting, you can capture Legendary Beasts, which are rare and formidable foes.


Expand the Bestiary

Einhar's life's work is an extensive Bestiary book describing the existence and classification of all of Wraeclast's wildlife. When you capture beasts, your progress is tracked in the Bestiary.


Populate Your Menagerie

Beasts that you capture can be kept alive and put on display in your Menagerie till you're ready to sacrifice them at the Blood Altar.

Beast Crafting

Sacrifice your captured beasts at the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful items. The strongest Beast crafting Recipes will require capturing and defeating the rarest and most dangerous beasts.


Defeat the Spirit Beasts

Beast craft is a portal to the Spirit Lands to hunt one of four different Spirit Beasts. These difficult encounters come out valuable unique item rewards and crafting opportunities.


The Uber Elder

Having corrupted the Shaper's Guardians, the Elder has had enough power to bend the Shaper to his will and defeat both of them in PoE’s hardest encounter at the center of the Atlas of Worlds. In addition, you can find some media coverage of the Bestiary league on the official PoE forums. For more PoE News, you should visit


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