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Is There Anything that Should Be Improved in PoE

In the new year of 2018, Path of Exile has got past another year of much change again at the action role-playing game. However, there are quite a few things that must be done to improve for players to make the gameplay experience conducive and interesting as it's being developed continually. Although it has reached the heights so far, there's more to be done.


You can't complain about a free-to-play game of this quality too much, it still earns money through micro-transactions. Players who have spent on those have a say on this topic, and their opinions are worth hearing. As a game took much inspiration from the classic action role-playing formula from Diablo 2, all the twists and revamps are made different from its counterparts but there are also some faults need to eliminate.

or example, the chat system is ripe at this point. It is very important to communicate and not everyone can make voice chat in an online game. However, this chat is too simple for serious players who could use some functionality and make easier. Perhaps taking some features of chat systems from other games will get some wonders.


It should have better peripheral support as lots of online role-playing game players tend to have different gear. PoE has lots of stuff that you should be able to rebind to extra buttons and keys on your gaming keyboard and mouse, but you can't in this game. These peripherals native support should be appreciated by senior players who like the game and play with their preferred gear.


The user interface could use some overhauling. There are a few UI elements should be alright, but not really optimal. An example of how multiple auras are handled. There is a way to activate them without having to fumble different hotkeys every single time. Perhaps a screen or one hotkey lets you do easily arrangement here. Even the management of buying PoE items can be made better so you spend less time sorting PoE items and more time playing the game.

There is more serious stuff like performance problems and how they affect the connection to the server. Due to the communication between game client and the server, it can get dangerous when there's too much stuff happening on the screen. While the game allows party play, you can only have up to 3 players realistically in one party at a time for fear of killing from lag or getting desynced. Mind you, it is said that desyncs have been resolved, but there's still more need to be done.


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