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Is PoE 3.24 Worth Playing?

By Nancy G2024-03-06

PoE 3.24 is the upcoming expansion for the popular action RPG game Path of Exile. The expansion will feature new bosses, items, gems, and crafting options.


This article will discuss the pros and cons of playing PoE 3.24 and help you decide if it is worth your time and money. We will also provide some tips and suggestions on preparing for the new league and making the most of it.


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Pros of playing PoE 3.24

•  New league mechanics: 3.24 League will offer a fresh and exciting experience for players looking for something different and challenging in Path of Exile. The league will require players to manage their resources and risks carefully, as they will have to scavenge for ingredients, craft recipes, and season maps to enhance their rewards and variety. The league will also feature two formidable bosses, the Infinite Hunger and Anaz, who will seriously threaten the players and their progress.


•  New content and features: The expansion will also bring a lot of new content and features to the game, such as 14 new unique items, over 40 new transfigured gems, revamped influenced items, and the return of the Trial of the Ancestors league. The expansion will also introduce quality-of-life improvements, such as spammable currency items, bulk trading, voice chat, and itemized crafts.


•  New build possibilities: The expansion will also open up new build possibilities for players who want to experiment with different skills, items, and gems. The new transfigured gems will offer new ways to modify and enhance existing skills, such as adding projectiles, area of effect, or damage over time. The new unique items will also provide new synergies and effects, such as Hrishi's Hate, which grants increased damage and life leech against enemies affected by your curses.



Cons of playing PoE 3.24

•  High difficulty and frustration: 3.24 League may not be suitable for casual or new players, as it will demand a high level of skill, patience, and strategy. The league will also have a lot of RNG elements, such as the availability and quality of ingredients, recipes, and seasonings. The league may also be frustrating for players who prefer a more straightforward and rewarding gameplay, as they may feel that their efforts are not adequately compensated or appreciated.


•  Lack of end-of-league events or major changes: The expansion will not have any end-of-league events or major changes to the core gameplay or balance as the developers focus on the next major update, Path of Exile 2. This may disappoint some players expecting more content or variety in the endgame or are hoping for significant improvements or fixes to the existing issues or problems in the game.



How to prepare for PoE 3.24

If you decide to play PoE 3.24, here are some tips and suggestions on how to prepare for the new league and make the most of it:


•  Watch the livestream and read the patch notes: The developers will host a livestream around mid-March to showcase the expansion and its features. They will also release the patch notes a few days before the launch, detailing all the changes and additions to the game.


Watching the livestream and reading the patch notes will help you better understand the new league mechanics, content, and features and plan your build and strategy accordingly.


•  Choose a suitable build: The new league will favor builds that can scale damage from max life, as both Righteous Fire and Bodyswap have been reworked. The new league will also favor builds that can ignite enemies, as the Chieftain ascendancy has been buffed to provide more damage and utility for igniting skills. Some examples of suitable builds for the new league are RF Bodyswap Chieftain, Ignite Fireball Elementalist, or Burning Arrow Trickster. You can check out some build guides or reviews from other players who have tested the expansion on the beta server.


•  Save some currency and stash space: The new league will require you to collect and craft a lot of ingredients, recipes, and seasonings, which will take up a lot of inventory and stash space. You will also need some currency to buy or trade for the items or gems you need or to roll or modify your maps. Therefore, it is advisable to save some currency and stash space before the league starts and avoid spending too much on unnecessary or expensive items or crafts.


•  Have fun and enjoy the challenge: The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the challenge of the new league. The new league will offer a unique and rewarding experience for players willing to adapt and overcome difficulties and obstacles. The new league will also provide many opportunities to discover and explore new content and features and to create and test new build possibilities. The new league will also be a great way to prepare and hype yourself for the next major update, Path of Exile 2, which is expected to launch later this year or early next year.




Path of Exile 3.24 is a highly anticipated expansion that will bring many new and exciting content and features to the game. Whether PoE 3.24 is worth playing depends on your personal preference and expectations. Some players may enjoy the new league mechanics and the challenge of managing their resources and risks. Others may find the league too frustrating or boring and prefer to stick with the standard or hardcore modes.


Ultimately, the best way to decide if PoE 3.24 is worth playing is to try it out for yourself when it launches. You can also watch the livestream that the developers will host around mid-March to get a preview of the expansion and its features. You can also check out some build guides or reviews from other players who have tested the expansion on the beta server. PoE 3.24 may not be for everyone, but it may offer a fresh and exciting experience for those looking for something new and different in Path of Exile.

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