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Is Path of Exile Worth Playing in 2022?

Path of Exile started its life as a kick-starter campaign promoting itself as "Diablo 2 for Fans – As it should have been". This slogan was enough to actually kick start its career from an indie developer to what is now one of the biggest games in the Hack and Slash Action RPG genre. It now stands toe to toe with Diablo 3, one of the most popular ARPG games, and Diablo 2's actual sequel.


Today we are discussing if and why Path of Exile is still worth playing in 2022 and how you can earn currency to have a kickstart to the latest League, Lake of Kalandra.


Is Path of Exile Worth Playing in 2022


Free-to-Play Model

Path of Exile has always been free-to-play and will stay that way. PoE stays afloat because of their microtransactions for cosmetic items and a few stash tabs that players are perfectly ok with. Being freemium and constantly updating with new leagues, mechanics, and additions to the game have made it a fan favorite for Diablo lovers.



Leagues Commonly Known as Seasons

Like most games, where a new season launches every few months and players compete to stay on top, PoE has Seasons called Challenger Leagues. GGG offers new themes and mechanics in these leagues, adding new things to every League. You start a fresh Level 1 Hero and level up your class while enjoying new mechanics in the game.


The latest League is called the Lake of Kalandra, where you travel to an alternate dimension to kill strong enemies to get fantastic loot. This is the first time you choose which enemies you want to fight and what their elements would be. This Lake dimension allows you to duplicate unique rings and amulets with extraordinary powers but some curses.


They have added a lot of other stuff in this League, like new gems to explore and add to your builds. While many of these themes do not carry over, some mechanics carry forward, making the game more fun with new and fun things added every season.


Leagues are one of the biggest reasons to keep playing the game even in 2022 because of all the things like loot, weapons, etc., always being added to the game while starting fresh to test out these amazing different builds each League.



Learn Mechanics to Win Big

You can choose any outcast class and play however you want, as even though classes are different as you start at specific areas of the skill tree, you can always choose your skill gems to build your class. The more you play, the more you know about the game, and the easier it is to build an excellent end-game class.


There are multiple guides on the internet that can guide you on how to build a class to your fancy. They detail which skills and passives to choose, which unique legendaries to farm and which bosses to kill. Once your build is complete, you become a powerhouse to tackle the most challenging content.


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Character Customization

The best thing about PoE is its freedom to choose whatever you want to be presented in the game, unlike many other fixed-path games. Following are the most amazing things you can choose on choice:


Skill Gems – You socket gems into your gear which provide you the skill to either kill enemies, heal you and ally, or a controlling ability to make things easier for killing enemies. No gem is locked to a specific class, and everyone can use it while also having the option to link supporting gems or purely passive defensive gems.


Passive Tree – One of the largest Trees in gaming right now where you purchase node upon node and go any direction you like. While there are specific starting areas for each hero of Wraeclast, you can simply go from one class starting area to any other class.


Amazing Uniques – There are numerous unique gear items that you can use to make your builds more fun, and they don't bind you to specificity like other games.



Massive Community

Community is why people play games, as they want to be part of a digital village where they can socialize and fight powerful bosses to farm loot. Thousands of players enjoy the game with every new season and are always there to support each other.


It is entirely your choice to enjoy the game solo and at your own pace. You can log in whenever you want and clear dungeons in any order you like. You can also play with four friends or random people online to get powerful loot faster.


Furthermore, there are many PvP events like capture the flag, battles, tournaments, plus race to the top of leaderboards which can show others how powerful you are.



Concluding Remarks – Is it the Best Time to Play Path of Exile?

The world has seen the evolution of Path of Exile, starting from a humble but promising beginning in their Kickstarter campaign. It has dramatically evolved over the years into one of the most complex and rewarding ARPGs. While so much information and things to care for might overwhelm you initially, it is so rewarding that none can come to the same level with time.


With every fresh League, you can start with one of 6 "Exile" options and build from the specific part of the complex passives tree. The witch starts with spell damage passives, including mana regen or max mana passives. When you are at higher levels, you can add a different mix to your class by improving Ascendencies for your chosen class. These are specializations that unlock more powerful options to enhance your character.


These classes and specializations add further replayability value to the game. Add this diversity to numerous skill gem options, and enjoying all the different builds and paths will take a while.


We recommend visiting our Guide Page to start strong and building your character the right way for more fun.



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