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Is Path of Exile 3.25 Worth Playing?

By Nancy G
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Good news! Path of Exile 3.25 expansion will launch in late July! And I guess it will be July 26. With the release of the 3.25 expansion, players are once again asking whether it's worth diving back into the Atlas world. Here's an in-depth look at what the 3.25 expansion offers and whether it's worth your time.


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Gameplay and Mechanics

The 3.25 expansion, like its predecessors, is expected to introduce new mechanics and content that build upon the game's rich foundation. The previous Necropolis League was praised for its ingenious mechanics, and the community is looking forward to more dynamic and fluid gameplay in the latest expansion. There's a strong desire for simplification of mechanics, potentially moving away from the complexity seen in Necropolis, which could make the league more accessible to a broader audience.


Community and Developer Interaction

Grinding Gear Games, the developers of PoE, have a history of engaging with their community. They've taken feedback from previous leagues and expansions to heart, often implementing changes the players want to see. This interaction suggests that the 3.25 expansion will continue refining the game in ways the community finds meaningful.


Content and Longevity

PoE is known for its extensive content that can keep players engaged for hundreds of hours. With each expansion, new layers are added, offering fresh challenges and rewards. The 3.25 expansion is expected to continue this trend, providing plenty of content for both new and returning players.


Monetization and Fairness

PoE stands out in the free-to-play market for its fair monetization practices. The game is entirely free to play, with microtransactions being mostly cosmetic or for convenience. This approach has been well-received by the community, and the 3.25 expansion is likely to maintain this player-friendly model.


Build Diversity and Meta

One of PoE's strongest points is its build diversity. The game offers an almost overwhelming array of options for character customization, and each expansion usually shakes up the meta with new items, skills, and balance changes. The 3.25 expansion will likely introduce new builds and strategies, keeping the gameplay feeling fresh.


Graphics and Performance

While PoE may not be the most graphically stunning game on the market, it has a distinct style that has aged well. The developers have consistently worked on improving performance and visuals with each update, and the 3.25 expansion is expected to bring further enhancements.



Considering the expected improvements, community engagement, and the game's track record, Path of Exile 3.25 is shaping up to be an expansion worth playing. Whether you're a veteran looking for new challenges or a newcomer curious about the hype, PoE 3.25 promises to deliver a deep and rewarding experience. The game's commitment to free-to-play fairness, combined with the potential for simplified mechanics, means that there's never been a better time to jump into Path of Exile.

In summary, if you're a fan of ARPGs and are looking for a game that offers depth, complexity, and a fair approach to player investment, Path of Exile 3.25 is certainly worth considering. With its anticipated release, the game continues to evolve, and it remains a standout title in its genre. So, grab your gear and get ready to explore the dark and treacherous lands of Wraeclast once again. Happy looting!

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