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How to Use Maps for Leveling Up Fast in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile maps are the major type of endgame content. Maps can be consumed to create a randomized instance where monsters can be fought by placing them in a map device. Players cannot use maps until they have access to the Eternal Laboratory, which can be entered after completing Lady Dialla's quests in Act 3 on Merciless difficulty. They can later also be used in hideouts, if the player has a personal map device, offered by Zana.


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Now let’s see how to use maps for leveling up fast. Maps are drops. If you don't have one you'll get a rare one when you complete the game on merciless. It seems like player creates the portals for using its own map, it is also predisposed to get most of the maps dropped in that game. Maps are always permanently allocated. If you're between level 65 and 80 and you still have not checked out maps, I think you should do something.


You’ll use up all the portals if you have a full group of 6 when you start first. If someone dies, they'll not be able to get back in. If you have a group of 5 then only the first person to die can come back in. Portal casted inside of the map will reset the starting location portal on that map. Leaving a map area from your portal will put you back into the laboratory (not Sarn Encampment).


It is consumed and will spawn 6 portals when you insert a map into the map device. The portals traveling to the same single starting point are used up after you enter. So, you can die up to 5 times and still go back to try again if you play by yourself. Or if you clear the area you can make 5 trips to carry your loot to town and sell it. If you play in a group, each member will use a portal.

Most of the maps dropped are white. The higher level they are, the more PoE Currency (orbs) you’ll have to spend to enhance their quality for better drops:

Level 66-68 Maps

Orb Order: Transmutation Orb, Alteration Orb, Augmentation Orb

Try to achieve (35%+ quantity) or (15% quantity and one modifier) or (0% and 2 of modifiers)


Level 69-70 Maps

Orb Order: Alchemy Orb, Chaos Orb

Try to achieve (60%+ quantity) or (45% quantity and one modifier) or (30% and 2 of modifiers).


Level 71-73 Maps

Orb Order: Cartographers Chisel, Alchemy Orb, Chaos Orb

Try to achieve (80%+ quantity) or (65% quantity and one modifier) or (50% and 2 of modifiers)


Level 74 + Maps

Orb Order: Cartographers Chisel Orb, Alchemy Orb, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb

Try to achieve (100%+ quantity) or (85% quantity and one modifier) or (70% and 2 of modifiers)

Map Modifiers

Area is larger

Area is a maze

Pack size is larger

More magic monsters

More rare monsters

2 unique bosses


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