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How to Make Primer Build in Path of Exile

By Leo Jiang2018-02-14

There is something about Path of Exile that makes an action RPG player's sing in heart. The level of character customization is that you can't change the appearance, you can control what goes into the guts of that character. The gem system and the passive skill tree is that it harmonizes both skills and character stats with PoE Items without having to force players to get the Uber expensive PoE Currency right away.


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There are hundreds of builds to choose from if you are not creative. But if you are one who likes to create your own thing, then the gates are open for new things to be discovered, especially when new stuff like expansions have been added to the PoE. As a more creative player, you may want to create your own primer build from whatever ideas you come up with during your gameplay. Certainly, there is an optimal way to make this process, and there are some steps you can bear to make that happen.


Making your own build in PoE, whether for performance or for fun, it is not hard at all. You may have seen some "Is my build good?" threads in the community and forums boards, and most of them only show their passive skill trees and nothing else. This is not the right way to do this as the builds are more than the passive skills, but also how it synergizes with gems, poe items, poe exalted orbs, and so on. You can keep that in mind when you think of builds as they are little things adding up to a greater whole.


Planning the new build is the first thing you can do. First, you should come up with the concept, whether it is focused on a single active skill or a group of skills, or turn a certain character class upside down. Whatever you have in mind, make sure that you come up with a cohesive and coherent way to make sense of it, otherwise it may not come out in PoE if you try to pull off the concept.

You get your passive skill tree and gems, as well as the items. When you have them, you should put it through with playtesting. This is an arduous process, but an important part of making a build, and it isn’t hard if you enjoy playing PoE. You should get to know what is essential for the build, what is merely accessory, and what isn’t absolutely necessary. Whatever flaws and impediments there are, you should be able to straighten out during this period.


When you have all the data and practical experience with the build, you can optimize further with some minmaxing. Upon adding what is necessary and throwing away what is useless, you should playtest again and confirm how good your idea is in practice. When you are completely sure of what you have, you have finished your build. For more PoE News, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the representatives if you place an order from this article.


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