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How to Make Crafting in Path of Exile

Crafting in Path of Exile is different from other games. There’s no gold economy in Path of Exile. Don’t start with basic components and then build a poe item. You can start with a premade poe item, and change its abilities, stats, or spells. You can change the quantity of sockets, the colors, and how they are linked. Also you can change the quality, which means more base damage to weapons or armor to armor pieces. Finally you can change the spell modifiers. This might be damage or resistance. It is based on poe currency which each has its own use. What is the use of these path of exile items? Crafting.


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Tips for crafting a poe item

Your item is so good that it is extremely difficult to level up.

You need an upgrade or you won’t survive in the next boss encounter.

You’re in a race and need an upgrade ASAP to show you upper hand.

You’ve found a good poe item that needs to be leveled up but it needs better links, colors and sockets.

Be reasonable. You will need your poe orbs later on. If you just want a decent upgrade over a decent poe item, 10 Chaos orbs or so might get you there if you’re lucky.


Basic Crafting Guide

This is as basic as it gets, and usually it is applicable to the first two difficult modes: Normal and Cruel. There are three things you need to do if you have a white poe item and need to get better. Transmute it with an Orb of Transmutation and hope for a decent magic poe item. Taking a chance with an Orb of Chance and hope for a decent rare item or even a unique. Using an Orb of Chance on a white item to get either a magic, rare or unique version of the item. The rarity is chosen completely randomly.


You have a few options to level up a normal poe item to either a magic or rare item. They don't require very expensive poe currency, but don't expect you will have much more customization either. One poe orb usually does the job. Using an Orb of Alchemy inventory which makes your white item rare. These basic methods are not expensive but their outcome is arbitrary.

Rules for Crafting

Rule 1

Not all mods can spawn on all items. For instance, movement speed mods can only spawn on boots. IIR/IIQ mods cannot spawn on chest pieces, weapons, belts or shields. Increased attack speed can only spawn on Weapons/Quivers, rings etc.


Rule 2

As you know, all crafted rares can reach to 6 mods. Of these 6 mods, 3 will be prefixes while the remaining 3 will be suffixes.


Rule 3

The type of item mod depends on its item level. For instance, a 69 ES gear can spawn all of the above mods. A 43 item can spawn all of the above mods except blazing, scintillating and Incandescent.


Rule 4

For every single item, not all mods can attain the highest level mod. For instance, the attack speed mod can reach 13% on gloves but only 7% on rings.


Rule 5

Firstly it is better to change quality on it before you craft an item. This ensures that you save on armorer scraps/blacksmith whetstones as it takes 4 Scraps/Whetstones to increase a white quality to 20%, 10 to increase quality blue to 20%, and 20 to increase quality rare to 20%.

Master Crafting

It is possible to craft a specific modifier, you can use crafting benches provided by masters. These require a certain level of corresponding master and have a price that needs to be paid at the time of crafting. By default, every item is limited to one of these mods, but there are ways to bypass that limit.


A crafted master mod on an item prevents the same type from being added via a PoE Exalted Orb. This means that master mods can be added to an item temporarily to block that type, and effectively removing it from mods. This is a very useful technique to increase the odds of getting a desired mod.


Master crafting is not expensive and it is not exclusively done in the endgame. Even on lower-level characters, adding stats for survivability is worthwhile and can help the player greatly. While crafting benches placed in a hideout are available to all characters within the same league, placing items inside the benches are specific to each character.


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