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  • How to Level Up Your Path of Exile Class Faster to Start Farming End Game
    By Pen Slingers2022-08-05 00:00:00


    Path of Exile is an action RPG game. Like other games in the RPG genre, Path of Exile also required skill building, character customization, and upgradation to complete the main quest. Every new story requires a certain character level before you can start it. Path of Exile is pretty hard to beat down and reach a new character level.


    There are specific ways to upgrade your character level; keep in mind there is no fast or quick way to reach the maximum level required to start the endgame. In this guide, we will tell you about the most effective ways that can be a head start for you to level up your character. Learn more about Path of Exile and begin your journey in this unforsaken world.


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    What Is the Endgame in Path of Exile?

    After many trials and hardship, you finally slain the bosses, hunt down the dangerous enemies, delved into deep below ground, and combated the notorious immortal syndicate. You have become the champion of the people, but what now? Well, you should consider this as the beginning of PoE. Today we will give you a little overview of the Path of Exile endgame.


    1. Mapping

    Mapping is the essential endgame activity and path of Exile because it's the most obvious activity to engage with. This is because it acts as a vessel for nearly every other thing you do in the game. If you aren't interested in mapping, you won't make it very far.


    2. Master Missions

    Master missions are the Path of Exile version of dailies, but with a twist, every day you log on, you will be awarded five master missions, and every time you complete a map, there's a significant chance you will (Atlas Mission from Niko). These master missions will be locked to the color maps you have been running, so you cannot farm tier 16 master missions by spamming tier 1 maps. Master missions themselves will vary greatly depending on various factors. Some will instantly spit out loot like Einhar, Alva, and others sometimes require a to pay off, such as Jun and Niko. All in all, Master missions are unique and rewarding slices of endgame content.


    3. Uber Lab

    Uber lab is also known as the eternal labyrinth. It's a unique piece of endgame content. Unlike other activities, it requires practically no interaction of maps and heavily benefits from specific build choices plus, if you get lucky, it can be one of the most profitable money makers in the game.


    To gain access to their ascendency, every character in the game must enter the lab with each of its four difficulties granting two unique skills. Points the first three difficulties are relatively easy with predictable layouts, and the last difficulty is far more challenging and drastically changes every day. However, it also drops good enough loot to be farming.


    4. Crafting

    Crafting helps you to make your PoE items. Crafting in Path of Exile is unique, and there is no actual gold standard as all PoE currencies used for trading are also used as crafting material. The easiest way to prepare the item is using standard currencies. Start with the item of your choice and use an orb of transmutation. 


    5. League Mechanics

    It is basically like a mini-expansion for the Path of Exile that comes out every three months, and if the community likes them, they are integrated into the core game. These include mechanics such as breaches, harbingers, strong boxes, and much more. The key to interacting with these old pieces of content is to tackle them on a case-by-case basis.


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    Tips for Leveling up Faster in PoE

    1. Most players spend their time killing regular monsters in the Path of Exile. Unfortunately, it is not the best way to increase your level; rather than killing normal monsters, you can pay attention to side quests. Try to complete these side quests, and if you prefer to kill monsters rather than going for a side quest, you should kill blue/purple-tinted monsters. You can also go for yellow monsters, but as an initiator, it would be tough for you to kill them.


    2. Keep moving forward is only the best option in Path of Exile, but don't hesitate to halt during Trials of Ascendancy.


    3. Most games offer their users side quests at their level to help them level up fast and learn about the game. To gain skill points, side quests must be your priority.


    4. Although crafting is a core part of RPG games, in Path of Exile, as you are the initiator in the game, you must focus on leveling your character.



    The Most Effective Ways to Reach Level 100

    Here are a few best and easy ways we sought which can help you to level up your character:


    1. Killing the Rare

    To reach level 100, you need to hunt down the monster. It is the only way you can earn more experience. Experience is gained on the type of monster you kill. Rare and high-level monsters will give you more experience.


    2. Importance of Movements

    Movement plays a vital role when it comes to leveling up your character. You can increase the movement speed of your character either by buying the items or crafting them. You can craft some boots to help you increase your movement, or you can buy them. We recommend you buy Seven-League Step. These are the best in-game boots and can help you improve 50% of your movement speed.


    3. You Don't Have to Kill Everything

    Start clearing the map if you want to level up your character a little faster. Don't halt to kill everything that comes across, as you will only waste your time. See your remaining side quest as they are more critical. Start with the quest, which gives more rewards to you and experience.


    4. Farming Blood Aqueducts

    If you have followed the previous step by now, you should be near level 60. Blood Aqueducts are a good place to not just beneficial in leveling your character further but also to farm currency. This level contains high-level monsters which can pay off well in terms of experience and can earn you around 30 to 40 Chaos orbs per hour. By now, you will have a decent gear set that will help you to defeat monsters.


    5. Take Advantage of League Starters

    It is best to use a build guide if you are not a pro player. Using some items requires a high build level and skill set. So, choose a league starter according to your experience and game style. A league starter is a gem for a new player as they guide you throughout, from choosing your gaming style to using your skills point. They teach you what skill you should acquire first.




    We have described the End game in Path of Exile and how you can level up faster. If you are a new player, how should you start Path of Exile to start the endgame?