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How to Get Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra

All Path of Exile players know that Mirror of Kalandra is the most valuable PoE Currency. Mirror of Kalandra, which often referred to as just Mirror, is the Path of Exile Item that can be used to create a mirrored duplicate of any price, such as non-unique equipment, non-corrupted item, or map. It seems like the Path of Exile logo.



Mirror of Kalandra is the scarcest and most worthy currency item in the game. It can be dropped by killing monsters, chests, and destructible containers (including Arcanist’s Strongboxes). It is over a thousand times rarer than Exalted Orbs, and only a tiny fraction of players will ever find a drop.


Typically, players that find a mirror may be unable to use it properly, both because they cannot afford mirror fees to duplicate top items, and because they have little use for having a single item that is the absolutely best of its kind. It is often more economical to trade away Mirror of Kalandra in order to eventually obtain many very good items, rather than use it to obtain a single item that is only marginally better.


Although Mirror of Kalandra is precious, it is also available.

Two ways to get Mirror of Kalandra:

● One is to obtain in the game, but the odds are very small. A senior player on YouTube has played PoE for more than 10,000 hours before the mirror falls. It is a time-consuming and uneconomical task because players may not be able to get a mirror in 20,000 hours. But they can purchase a Path of Exile Leveling. They will not only level up but also get the drop of mirror in the process of upgrading possibly in this way. Kill two birds with one stone.


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